Stylos Titanium Ink Fountain & Rollerball, Artliner, Pen
Stylos Titanium Ink Fountain & Rollerball, Artliner, Pen

This project has already launched.

Metaxas & Sins BV launches its STYLOS TITANIUM Collection - A collection of sensuous writing instruments featuring interchangeable nibs, indestructable construction and beautiful aesthetics.

The STYLOS TITANIUM Collection is about simplicity and movement. There is a French saying which best explains it:  
“Faire vivre le trait.”  -  Make a line come alive.

A fountain pen is one of those rare objects which connects with us on so many levels. In our most creative mode,
it is an extension of our mind which through gestures of our hand convert random thoughts into intelligible
concepts, ideas or expressions.

Every time we use a writing instrument - we write code. Sometimes people understand it. Sometimes there are layers in the
meaning of the words we write. Often, we give away more in the style and stroke of our writing than in the actual words themselves.
In many cultures, the written letter and word is considered “art”.
I take every opportunity to infuse art into everyday objects. With pens it’s even more tactile sensual and very personal.

STYLOS TITANIUM is the sublime “body” of a fine writing instrument.

The heart of a fine writing instrument is the nib. Made from different noble materials, it
has the ability to influence your relationship between mind, hand and paper.

The absolute best nibs are manufactured in Germany by two companies - Peter Bock and
JOWO [Schmidt] from modestly priced steel, to costly titanium, solid gold or palladium.
The interchangeable Stylos “Nib Holder” allows you to quickly experience the difference.

The Titanium Collection has been designed not only to allow the most expressive writing, but be
the ultimate protection for this precious piece of metal. Unlike other metals, titanium is light,
ultra-strong, warm and extremely comfortable to hold.  

The proportions and balance are perfect.  Once you wrap your fingers around its curved form and
nestle it into the crook of your hand, you’ll be writing for hours.

Our “Pen Capsule” case, designed to hold two Stylos pens, adds yet another layer of protection and
organisation. You now have a choice between ink colours, nib types [fine, medium or bold] or the option
of a rollerball or fineliner that you can carry with you, wherever you go. Or simply leave it on your desk.

As is usual practise here at metaxas & sins, each Stylos Titanium is individually cnc machined
and engraved from a block of solid titanium.

STYLOS is a sculpture. It’s a little “kiss of art” you can carry with you.



Press Kit Hi-Rez images:

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