Get a pair of glasses and give a pair a reading glasses to a child in need
Get a pair of glasses and give a pair a reading glasses to a child in need

Our Story

Land Over Yonder (LOY) is based in St. George, UT and has been in business for 3 years. A portion of the money that we make from everything we sell goes to help children in developing countries receive an education. To date we have helped 200 kids in Kenya and Cambodia receive a school uniform so they could attend school and get an education. On top of that the money that was used to pay for the uniforms went straight to local seamstresses who made the uniforms.

The reason we provide school uniforms is children in developing countries are required to wear uniforms in order to attend school. Many children, especially orphans, are not able to afford uniforms and are thus not able to go to school and become educated. We are able to provide uniforms so that those children can attend school who would otherwise never have the opportunity to do so. Over the last few years it has been amazing to see the difference we have been able to make and we are grateful for the people we have met and the memories we have made.

Our New Project

Our new project is our Driftwood series of wood frame sunglasses. We have loved these style of sunglasses for years and we are excited to be able to bring these high quality sunglasses to our customers and the kickstarter community.

With our sunglasses we are planning on doing even more good with the children and people we are able to meet in Cambodia. With every pair of sunglasses that we sell through this Kickstarter project as well from our website and retailers we will not only provide a school uniform to a child need but we will also be able to help them see better by providing prescription glasses! We are working with an organization called “” to help bring this dream to a reality!

The Driftwood Collection

With our new project we have been working on creating high quality and stylish wood frame sunglasses. These glasses are made out of bamboo. bosa wood and are handmade, light weight and fit great!

The hinges of the glasses are made with a spring mechanism that makes it so our sunglasses can fit almost any size of head.

The Driftwood collection come laser engraved the the Land Over Yonder logo on the sides of glasses along with a variety of other designs engraved along the side of legs of the glasses.

The lens on the Driftwood collection are very important so we made our sunglasses with polarized lenses to protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. With our kickstarter we are offering a variety of lenses and as we continue to grow we will add different styles and shades.

Why we are doing Kickstarter

The reason we are doing Kickstarter is so we can raise enough money to get the sunglasses manufactured in large enough quantity to keep our costs down so we can fulfill our mission and make a profit.

We are also wanting to have a proof of concept and see if there is a demand for our product in the market and see which styles are the most popular and keep inventory costs manageable.

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