STUDIO BUMS™ Magazine Premier Issue
STUDIO BUMS™ Magazine Premier Issue

What exactly is a Studio Bum?

studio bum™ (stoo-dee-oh-buhm)

noun, plural stu-dio bums

1 : a slang term for someone who thrives on creating and being involved in all areas of the music industry, including culture, art, technology, and the politics thereof. #StudioBums

artistpreneur™ (ahr-tist-pruh-nur, -noor)

noun, plural ar-tist-pre-neurs

1 : a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill and who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. #Artistpreneur

The above video teaser serves a visual aid to help define what the STUDIO BUMS™ magazine is about.  The full video will be available on Kickstarter. 

The Art Has Been Missing In Music Journalism — Until Now!

The music scene is booming with a new hybrid of artists and entrepreneurs we call Artistpreneurs™, but there’s currently no publication in print that caters to this growing group. STUDIO BUMS™ is designed to fill that need with a print magazine dedicated to music lifestyle for people who are serious about their craft and business.

Behind STUDIO BUMS™ is a solid background of music professionals such as Ivan “Orthodox” Barias, a Grammy nominated songwriter/producer. Combine that with Jef Fortson aka Def Jef, an ASCAP award winning songwriter and producer. As well as co-founder Theodore Perry aka Swell, a producer/journalist who has been documenting the music production scene since 2004.

We are living in an era of the music business where the Artistpreneur™ wears many hats. And, while technology continues to become more digitized, we’ve chosen to go back to the basics in the form of a print publication designed to complement these hybrid lifestyles.

STUDIO BUMS™ is a full-color quarterly publication, delivered on 100-plus high-quality pages packed with art and music journalism. The premier issue includes:

▪ Relevant topics/stories in music, culture, and business.
▪ Editorial features from Grammy and ASCAP award winners.
▪ Tutorials for mastering music recording, mixing, production techniques, etc.
▪ Expert business tips and Q&A’s from music industry professionals.
▪ Artistpreneur™ spotlights: Tell Your Story. Email it to
▪ Prolific art/Illustrations, photography, and design features.
▪ Creative lifestyle guides for The Artistpreneur™.
How To Hang an MP3 On The Wall Tutorial.
▪ Affordable ad rates.

Above: Larry Smith (Legendary Producer) R.I.P. and John King (owner of World-Famous Chung King recording studios) share their experiences and love for music.

Art Illustration by Marla Maria Hidalgo (also commissioned by Linda Perry and Tony Maserati).

Photography by Artemis for Artemis.Photography.

Above: Ivan Barias (produced Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Estelle, and more) talks about H.R.1283 Songwriter Equity Act of 2015. The goal is to amend two sections, 114 and 115 of the Copyright Act.  The current law prevents songwriters and composers from receiving royalties that reflect the fair market value of their IP (Intellectual Property).  

Photography by Artemis for Artemis.Photography.

We Need Your Support, Ideas, and Excitement!

Quality magazines are expensive to produce, and technically more challenging than launching just another one of a million websites in cyberspace. Our mission is simple: To document music culture in ink. Kickstarter is an excellent platform for us to introduce the STUDIO BUMS™ magazine to the world.

The STUDIO BUMS™ print magazine can be produced with your pledges. We have some great packages that include a premier copy of STUDIO BUMS™ delivered to your door. Check out some of the rewards you can receive from supporting the STUDIO BUMS™ Kickstarter campaign.

STUDIO BUMS™ started as a comic strip idea about three friends (Ko Star, Jeopardy, and Mega) who called themselves STUDIO BUMS™.  The self-titled comic strip will appear in the premier issue in 3D illustration by renowned graffiti/award-winning artist, Steve Cas.  The Kickstarter comic strip illustration was done by Lemonsky Studios. 

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