StreetZone Safety Crossing
StreetZone Safety Crossing

This project has already launched.

Chakeer Drake-Frazier

In recent years, there has been a movement geared toward getting kids off of their cool mobile device and video games and getting kids back outside playing again like old times! However, we force and encourage our kids to go outside and play and yet we don't always offer them the guarantee of safety.

Growing up my friends and/or family and I would always go out into the street outside and shoot hoops on our basketball rim that was slightly tilted on the curb outside our home, or sometimes jammed into our alleyway. Many times we would start a game of football with all the neighbors kids out in the street and before you knew it the streets and alleyways were packed with kids playing street ball and parents mingling watching or playing along with their kids and just before you were about to make that crossover you could brag about for years or before you threw that Hail Mary pass or slammed the hockey puck into the goal someone would yell "CARRRRRR!!!!!!" and everyone would have to abruptly clear a path for the car or risk becoming road kill due to some speeding driver who probably slammed on their breaks and cursed at all the kids yelling "GET OUT OF THE DAMN STREET!!!"

My endeavor is to put an end to that and give our kids a safe way of playing outside, a safe place for parents to teach their kids how to ride bikes at all times of the day and all throughout the world! The Patent Pending StreetZone Safety Crossing invention would help keep kids safe around the world when they're playing outside and residential traffic presents a hazard, however, it doesn't stop there! it would also benefit our kids crossing busy streets to get to their schools, construction workers would no longer have to stand in the cold or in the street waving "slow down" signs, truck drivers who make frequent stops on busy streets to unload their trucks can safely provide oncoming traffic with instructions for going around before cars start getting too close and cause a traffic jam. Our highway patrol officers would be able to do the same when making a stop on a dangerous highway by placing the StreetZone invention about 20ft away from their stop it would force oncoming traffic to change lanes which would save and protect those who risk their lives every day to protect and serve. Moreover, there are much more people, businesses, and organizations who could benefit from this invention, perhaps even yourself or someone you know!

My invention would also help drivers to stay aware of their surroundings and to pay attention by placing a responsibility on the drivers around the world as well as accountability on drivers. For example, in the event a StreetZone is hit by a distracted or speeding driver, I want this invention to save lives and would like to have it made with materials such as plastic that when damaged cause little damage to a vehicle but also work as a buffer to protect people from getting hit by cars or in car accidents. Imagine if instead of a distracted driver slamming into the back of a work truck, mail truck or even worse a patrol officer in process of a routine stop or a child learning to ride their bike in the street or shooting some hoops outside their house, the distracted or speeding driver instead hits the StreetZone causing the driver to come to a state of alertness and to make an abrupt stop before causing anyone any harm. That is how this invention can and will save lives and help foster a culture of making drivers aware and focused while on the road whether they're on a busy downtown street or quite neighborhood intersection the StreetZone product would save lives every day!

I am raising money to take my invention to the next level which is having a virtual/digital and a full-scale physical prototype created and eventually a licensing deal to bring the StreetZone product to market.

The ideal way the StreetZone Safety Crossing would work, is simply for it to be placed in the street where either kids are playing or individuals are working in areas or neighborhoods where oncoming traffic presents a safety hazard, the crossing would either be staged to direct traffic to Stop, Detour, Change Lanes, Slow Down, Yield etc.

When your kids are playing outside in the street, the StreetZone Safety Crossing can be placed on one or both ends of the street to stop oncoming traffic depending on your needs. When traffic approaches the StreetZone Safety Crossing they will stop once they've recognized the stop sign. Once they've noticed the detachable sign that reads "Honk to Pass" they can honk their horn and either the kids or a parent supervisor can clear the path of all kids and remove the sign allowing traffic to pass through safely. Once traffic has passed, the StreetZone Safety Crossing can be placed back in the street to stop any potential oncoming traffic and then the kids can resume playing safely.

What makes this invention unique is that it is the first invention that encourages kids to go outside and to play but keeps them safe and protects them at the same time in a world where every day someone is killed by distracted, drunk and/or speeding drivers, this invention would give parents across the world peace of mind when their kids are playing outside. This invention is also unique because its function allows it the possibility to be beneficial and used in many organizations and businesses across the world to keep not only kids safe but everyone safe! It also puts the responsibility on today's drivers to pay attention by making them accountable. I would rather a distracted driver run into the StreetZone Safety Crossing and bring their vehicle to a halt than for a distracted driver to run a kid over and to speed off from the scene of the crime!

Check out some images below as we continue to bring the StreetZone Crossing to life.

StreetZone Original Physical Drawing
After I finished drawing and laying out all my ideas on my phone, I then started out drawing them on paper before doing them digitally. These are the original drawings laid out on paper in my art book.

StreetZone Safety Crossing Original Digital Drawing
After transferring the original artwork from my iPhone to paper, I then designed it digitally to prepare it for both a physical and digital prototype. (slightly blurred due to having to downsize the image)

1st Generation Physical Prototype

This is a non-functional that I built myself, it is meant to show the appearance and design of the final product by displaying the parts, colors and overall design.

A 3D drawing of the StreetZone Crossing. This image is meant to show what the design would look like.
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