Street Halo
Street Halo

It's not easy to recognise cycle trailers and running buggies in low light. Single points of light don't mark you out as any different from an individual and yet you're wider and slower than most cyclists. Even the most considerate drivers and cyclists may not have enough warning to give you the space you need. Everyone is better off if they know what you are and where you are.

We couldn't find anything else which signalled that our trailers and buggies were slower, wider and longer than a normal bike. It just makes sense to have the light as wide as you. So we made street halo, a light for trailers and buggies.

The flash patterns have been carefully researched to make them as eye catching as they can be but the street halo is so much more than a rear light.  With forward facing lights everyone on the street can see what you are and where you are. Street halo has an internal light, so your passengers aren't kept in the dark and you can see what they're getting up to! It's got batteries which recharge using a micro USB which is the same as most smartphones and can also be charged via a computer. You can even use them to charge your phone!

Watch the first campaign video to see why we all need street halo to be in our lives.  We're constantly refining it to be ready for the big launch! 

Street halo is the creation of Simon Merrett and Chris Dadd, engineers and dads in Bristol, UK, where cycling is massive. We came together in 2013 to bring street halo to street users everywhere. We're on target to achieve the first wave of this in Autumn 2014 - join us on Kickstarter soon!

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