Strategic Story-driven JRPG: Story of the End - Revere
Strategic Story-driven JRPG: Story of the End - Revere

Hey there everyone! I made this page just to show you guys what we have instore for you in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Our campaign is soon to launch in less than two weeks, so giving you guys a headstart on what this page would and should look like ought to help out a little in terms of what you're supporting and what you're getting into!

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Don't forget, if you feel utterly compelled or feel that you would want to back this project or simply support it, don't forget to let us know. We'd be happy to tell you everything about this project (Even drop by and say hi and we'll happily oblige!).

(Launch date starts at March 30th so buckle up for after this pleasant picture of this pink dressed bunny holding a poorly drawn sign comes the meat of this page!)

(Also the trailer if you really feel like checking it out!)

 Revere is a 2D Classical visual RPG which takes place in the mysterious world known as Akhir.

You play as Troy, a traitor to his empire and a man out for redemption. The day our protagonist knew of the empires injustice, he immediately made his escape into the unknown. Fearing the worse, Troy realized that he was out of options. He had no where left to run, and all he can do was hope for the best.

Falling unconscious in the middle of nowhere; Troy found himself at death's door. Luckily, a local from the nearby village located his body and brought him to safety. Upon waking, he realized that this may be the opportunity he needed to make a difference.

Determined to set things right, Troy sets out to begin his long and arduous journey to change a world ravaged by the Lumerian Empire. Along with the help of some new friends, Troy presses forward, despite the odds being against him.


These are the main characters that will play major roles within the game:

 Troy plays the traitor and the man seeking nothing else but redemption. After witnessing his dear friend murdered he was left for dead in the winter only to find himself back on track and more than determined to bring the empire on it's knees.

 Roland is a village boy and extremely skilled with the bow. He knows the forests and lands very well and seeks justice for the family he has lost. Although a callous and seemingly cold person he cares deeply for his friends and would gladly help anyone in need.

 Anthalia, or, "Lia" is a Lumerian soldier that is in the same predicament as Troy. Seeing the horrors of her empire's doing she fled her homeland and tried to find new meaning in her life. Realizing that she has the opportunity to make the world a better place she wouldn't hesitate to do so even if it would cost her life.

 Cecil was raised in the sandy deserts of Grun and realizes that the world is much more exciting than it seems. She explores the world seeking new thrills and discoveries. Although short tempered and easy to please she is eager to solve problems and would never back down from any fight.

Take your time and enjoy these still images taken from within the game. If you want to go straight to the rewards go ahead and skip this section.

Yes these are actual towns. There's tons of them in-game. Each town has its own theme, setting, and even its background story.

Oh this picture above features our protagonists fighting off a few treants. Looks like free EXP!

 Now to break it down...


Were expecting to make from this Kickstarter approximately:

8,520 Dollars (USD)

Gee isn't that super specific? Well technically I counted everything straight down to the bone, and truly we only need that much money to make this game a reality. The pie chart says it all. We'll definately allocate the money to these costs respectively.

Release Date

TBA Fall 2017

Still working on finding a solid foothold and a good date to release this game. But rest assured it's most definately this fall of 2017


Steam Download: $8.99 USD per copy.

There are other formats that we might release this game in. Stay tuned for that.

Age Rating

For ages (8 - 90). This game is curse free. We debated whether or not we should include curse words but we feel that being clean adds more room for creativity (at least according to me).

 System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO compatible or higher
Memory: 1GB of RAM (3GB is recommended)
VRAM: 320MB (600MB or higher recommended)
Screen resolution: 1104x624 or higher


If you guys have anymore questions do not hesitate and shoot us a message through our twitter or facebook or even through here! We'd happily answer.

Oh let's not forget the three main platforms we're shooting for. Windows, Macintosh, and everyones favorite: Steam.

We've already been greenlit and in the process of updating our page there.

If you feel compelled to check it out, here's our Greenlight Page


Ah yes the rewards list. Now note that these are all available rewards coming out on this campaign. Below this is the list of what you'll be getting based on tiers.

 We have other goods that are limited being prepared as we speak for early bird backers for the upcoming Kickstarter. So when it comes out be sure to check it out and maybe you might just be in time to grab a good bargain!

This EARLY BIRD reward contains a cute keychain, the full game, and several exclusive wallpapers for your phones,tablets, and other gadgets you may have up your sleeve. There's only about 200 spots reserved. So for those who are eager, and perhaps interested in this offer make sure you grab it when you have the chance.

Close up of the Keychain:

(Our very own Chibi Roland Keychain. Calm, cool, and collected.)


 If you are curious about stretch goals, we will definately release ours if we achieve our initial funding. For starters, we want to sell you the basic idea of the game and captivate you with it. Only then if we attained our goal we will introduce you our possible stretch goals later on.

Also, please, when you have the time, we really, really need the help as all indie developers do during this moment of hardship, so when possible...

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Each vote matters and would give our kickstarter that extra needed boost. Just click support on either facebook, twitter and tumblr and you're all set!


So then, guess this is it huh? All that's left is for me to bid you adieu and wish to see you all when the campaign runs its course.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Please don't be shy and ask us anything that comes to mind.


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