StPsy - StreetPsychiatry 1year upgrade to a business account
StPsy - StreetPsychiatry 1year upgrade to a business account

This project has already launched.

Welcome to the community that we all help to create through the spread of unique personal knowledge, experience, and wisdom.  

StPsy was initially designed to be a hub where everyone’s voice could one day be heard on the topics, ideas, experiences, and stories that might not otherwise see the light of day. 

In the meantime, our current authors and I work to shine light on the topics that aim in the direction of self-improvement, better living, and better times ahead(along with some random off-the-wall insight) serving as this community’s foundation.  

Oh, and we hope you take a moment to check out our current(more limited than we require as a hub) site

Risks and challenges

The challenge of this project is reaching as many people as possible which is easily done with the upgrades we ask for through SEO tools, expanded details for the site, a forum section, large volume video storage, and any tools that help attract readers. With these upgrades I can get to work on building our reader base to a hub from just another blog...

Some unique challenges are the topics themselves. I chose to leave any contributors opinion open for any topic, but the main attraction will be the teams contributions and we will need to keep a consistent presence on the website(which if you visit you'll be able to see our commitment to this).

This is my first and only project so the distribution should be direct to StPsy.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and hopefully showing support for a community that seeks to share unique, important, and limitless knowledge for all those interesting in seeking some of the most fresh information.


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