Storme - the fast, compact, totally wireless mobile computer and flash drive
Storme - the fast, compact, totally wireless mobile computer and flash drive

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This is Storme

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Storme is a compact, fast, totally wireless, mobile internet and WiFi enabled computing and storage device that keeps you securely connected to your files and memories.

It can be used as secure, totally wireless storage day-in, day-out and it can be used with a host of compatible devices to become a compact, personal computing and communications device.

How can I use Storme?

Scenario #1 - A morning at the office: In the morning, I take Storme off its wireless charge dock and throw it into my work bag, jump into my car (or hop on my bike) and Storme pairs automatically with my Bluetooth enabled speakerphone or headset and is now connected as a phone and music streaming device. Arriving at work, Storme is still in my bag, I get to my desk and I can leave my bag in the corner and get straight to work on my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, doing my morning email duties, checking the line reports and any headlines. Then it’s time to write a report on that new project which management want to initiate. Next a bit of accounting in Excel (or similar) and, oops, there’s the boss calling me – with my Bluetooth headset or speakerphone (future) or using an app to access on another (future) device. Ok, so maybe that’s not everyone’s idea of the first few hours at work. With Storme doing all these tasks, and more, is a reality.

Scenario #2 - Off-site at a client’s office: impromptu presentation: We were at our client’s offices interstate earlier this week and a senior stakeholder wanted to reach an impromptu decision about a rapidly developing situation. Storme allowed us to travel light but stay connected and prepared. Leveraging a fast LTE (4G) connection and a projector on our client’s network, not only did I have all my resources to hand on Storme, but I had access to the corporate cloud for my Team’s files and research. My colleague and I were able to rapidly prepare a response and present to the senior stakeholder on short notice without having to reach for anything but a wireless keyboard and touchpad. In the past, doing all this would have involved a bulky laptop bag and power brick, probably a separate LTE modem (unless my phone could tether) and I’d have had to lug that across the country and wear a dead shoulder from the strap cutting in. Thanks to Storme we impressed the client, sealed the deal and saved a bad back.

Scenario #3 - Taking a road trip: We packed the family into the car for a weekend down the coast road. As we merged onto the freeway the kids were horrified to find out that we’d forgotten to load the car entertainment system with new movies. Storme to the rescue – the kids were able to access two movies at the same time on the headrest monitors. Later, my daughter wanted to read an e-book and my son started playing some games from the App Store. Meanwhile, my wife and I were able to drive in peace.
When we arrived at the hotel for the night, no need to opt for expensive in room entertainment or worry about plug compatibility – we were lucky, the hotel’s entertainment system supported Airplay and Chromecast so we didn’t even need the WiDi dongle we’d brought along. Quick and easy one-touch pairing with the TV and the movie of the night was sorted. Thanks Storme!

Note - these scenarios are intended to demonstrate uses for Storme, there are more ways to use Storme and we will be constantly developing the software, apps and ecosystem

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