This is an informative guide for youngsters and their parents, 
at building their defensibility against child molest at every level.

Hi my name is Monique Tilborg I am the managing director of the media company SU BIZZ online “SRANAN SANI”.  I know that you don't know me, I believe you will, during the process. But I'm pretty sure that we have this one thing in common. And that you are as familiar with the problem that I'm facing on a daily basis.

Isn't it true, that every time we open a newspaper that we read something like: A 4 year old child has been sexually molested by her uncle / aunt?

Doesn't it saddens you? But most of all, did you ever questioned yourself, what can, and will I do about this?!  If you never did, well this is your queue.

First some facts
The reason why this informative youth guide  has to be written!
The annual statistics on the  evil occurrence of sexual child molest are tipping over the scale, into the wrong direction, if you ask me. It seems as though, it isn't safe for your children to go out anymore. Because it appears that the pedophile is feeling more confident and secure by the day, to surrender to his/her morbid pleasures, where and whenever they please.

Before I head into details I want you to know that Suriname is a country in S.A., with a total population of 560.000 people. The annual report presented by the Department of Youth Affairs of the Police Corps of Suriname at the end of the year 2013 showed the following figures. In 2013 there were, 373 cases of sexual child abuse, in 2012 there were 341 cases. And these are only the cases which were reported. So the numbers are probably higher. I couldn't obtain the statistics of 2014 yet. 

This increasing trend is a direct threat to the physical, mental en emotional health of our children, not only here in Surinam but worldwide. We have to take affirmative action before there are more victims demanded by this cancer spreading like wildfire throughout society.

According to the Department of Youth Affairs of the Police Corps of Suriname children between the age of 0-17 years are daily victimized by this type of sexual violence. The perpetrators come from the immediate vicinity of the victims. And diverse in ethical group, social class, profession and positions. The abuse takes place in different institutes of society, such as: at home, kinder garden, the shelter, school bus, recreation clubs ect.

The culprit is often a confidant of the victim. For example, a member of the immediate family or extended family, or an family friend, neighbor, babysitter, acquaintance and so on. Usually there is a authority relationship, where the child has to submit to the adult, because of some kind of dependency.

It is known that many advocate the harmonization of the laws, where demanding of higher penalties against child molesters are eminent. This is true of course and has to be done. Although it is not preventing sexual child molest from happening, but rather deals with the consequence of the matter.

But what about now?!
These solutions point out to future events. Since we can do little about abuse of power and can't by any means force the government of making haste to adjust laws on sexual child molest. Personally I am in favor to work on the preventive side of the matter. I want to mobilize the worldwide community to contribute to the awareness of young people regarding to this worsening social evil. How you ask me?!

Why I need your help
You can consider this informative youth guide let say as a open source endeavor, where the input of many is required to give the optimal result. Because together as a unit, we know more than individually. After all It gives all of us the opportunity to relieve our self from the ostracism we may have practiced, there where we could have prevented or helped even one victim of this painful experience. 

What is so special about this informative youth guide ? 
This informative youth guide, will not be written by experts but by everyday people just like you and me. 

So within 4 months time I’m planning to interview, meet, share, pray with and write a informative youth guide about the very topic of sexual child abuse. Together with everyone around the globe, who it may concern and that speaks English of course. I believe that the informative youth guide that springs forth out of this collective endeavor will contribute to  the awareness of children all over the globe.

Why this campaign? 
I need a 4-months writer's retreat to be able to write on a full time basis. Basically with this campaign, I'm asking you guys to buy me some time, for: writing | interviewing | blogging | graphics design ect.

Here is how to help!
As you can see we have set a goal of a 526 cubes target. Do participate and fill in a cube at any amount that you can afford to contribute to the cause. From the moment the campaign goes life. I will remove the posters and every time a backer contributes to the cause I will fill in the cube and the hidden picture will become visible. 

        - We want to make the unseen to be seen and the seen to be unseen :)

The milestones: 
                    25                                        100                                      400       


You can view the posters on our website , go to: www.subizzonline => official website.

If 525 people fund $ 11,20  the campaign will reach it’s goal.

This is what you get for your participation: Look at the rewards!!!

$ 5,= your name will be written in the credential page of the informative youth guide . And on our websites text slider, so you will gain recognition and exposure for a very llloonngggg time.

$ 10,= If you contribute for this amount, you will  get the above plus. You will be able to write a short 250 word piece of advice for children and their parents, that will be added on our “Thank you backers list” on our website, as an backer of this cause for good. 50x

$ 25,= You will get all the above and you will be officially granted the opportunity to contribute to the content of the informative youth guide. Every backer that contributes for this amount is allowed to write a 500 word piece of advice to be added into the informative youth guide. This will be on a specific topic that will be given to you through e-mail after you contributed to the cause.

The 100 best articles will be picked out and the authors will be asked to do a 5 min. interview each on our internet radio station.
The mp3’s  will be added on to our website including your logo / name and company / personal profile.

$ 50,= You will get all of the above plus a t-shirt design of your choice, I will send you the t-shirt order form right after you have contributed to the cause. It only will take a while though before you will be able to wear your shirt. Because it still has to be printed, and shipped to you see :) 15x

$ 75,= You will get all the above and you will be able to do suggestions about topics concerning the informative youth guide. You will get an early release of the PDF of the informative youth guide.

$ 100,=  You will get all the above and you can do suggestions on the title of the informative youth guide. You can even help me edit the content of one topic. You will get a signed limited edition paperback copy of the informative youth guide.

$ 175,=  You will get all the above and you can help me edit the content of one chapter. You will get 1 signed limited edition hardcover copy of the informative youth guide. One to give away. 15X

$ 250,= You will get all the above and you can help me draw some of the illustrations for the informative youth guide, which will be incl. You will get 2 signed limited edition hardcover copies of the informative youth guide. One to give away.

As this informative youth guide is an open source endeavor, it will not be put up for sale. It will be freely distributed through digital downloads. You will be able to download the PDF from my website and several others which will be revealed later on in the campaign. As everybody around the globe is able to participate and contribute to the informative youth guide. Likewise the informative youth guide should be freely excess able for every parent and child around the whole wide world.

So if you never have written a book, but always had the desire to do so, well what are you waiting for dig in, and let us make this thing happen.

Risks and challenges:
I fully understand that the writing a this informative youth guide  is not an easy undertaking. There will be hurdles along the way but I believe I have assembled the most capable and awesome team imaginable. I'm not worried about managing the project, because there will be sufficient assistance with the writing, illustration, graphics design ect. Once the editing is complete, the biggest hurdle as I see is how to manage the workflow, if it ticks? Well I believe that, we will work together and keep all involved informed of our progress every step of the way.

Find us on:
Facebook: SU BIZZ online , Twitter: @SU_BIZZ_online en


We can’t  do this without the outpouring of your support and participation. Thank you in advance: team, friends, family and in particular: You!


Founder: M.D. Tilborg  
Tel.: +597-7184755 /  8127339 / 534476

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