StoneFlower: Ceramic 3D Printing KIT
StoneFlower: Ceramic 3D Printing KIT

This project has already launched.

We are happy to introduce a StoneFlower Ceramic 3d Printing KIT , just lauched at Kickstarter. This is a robust, precise, and user-friendly add-on for your desktop 3D printer that lets you print ceramics and porcelain. Following a thorough engineering optimization procedure, we turned clay printing into a reproducible, simple, and enjoyable process.


Using our KIT, you can experiment with a variety of different viscous liquids and pastes, such as a glaze, metal clay, soldering paste, paint or even food. Now you can freely invent new applications of 3D printing beyond the limited selection of the commercially available filaments! 

Porcelain printed with Ceramic 3D Printing KIT 
Porcelain printed with Ceramic 3D Printing KIT

Who is talking about Ceramic 3D Printing KIT?

“While the StoneFlower system does not accept raw clay, it requires only slight wetting. That’s a huge advantage over most of the paste extruders you will see on the market.” - Kerry Stevenson, -



Why ceramics?

Ceramics and porcelain are perfect materials for the everyday use: durable, food-safe, heat-resistant, mechanically strong, and sustainable . Ceramics are suitable for both prototyping in architecture and for small serial production in design, the arts and crafts. An unburnt ceramic model, a so-called "green object", is reusable and can be processed like normal clay. You can correct, modify, and customize the fresh prints as you wish. Burn the green objects in a kiln to transform them into regular food-safe ceramics.

Intricated ceramic pattern 
Intricated ceramic pattern

Burning is a simple and affordable process which can easily be done in your local pottery or FabLab. Once burned objects can also be glazed and burned a second time to finish the surface, make it colorful, water-proof, and pleasant. Porcelain, the more elegant subtype of ceramics, will turn semi-transparent after burning, which makes it perfect for lampshades and sculptures. 

Porcelain vase 
Porcelain vase

More materials – and even more fun

The powerful syringe pump of the KIT makes it possible for you dispense many different materials. Possible examples include glazes for ceramics, paints for artworks, metal clay for sophisticated jewelry, soldering paste for your PCB projects, plaster, wax, pulp, chocolate, and many more. Small amounts of expensive materials can be deposited delicately at your convenience with our Micro Printing Set that is based on standard, easily available, disposable and food-safe syringes.


Innovations for perfect experience

We designed the Ceramic 3D Printing KIT with accuracy, reliability, and ease of use in mind.

Print head

• Exceptional clay printing quality due to synchronization of the print head and the syringe pump.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning without instruments.
• Lightweight, leak-safe and durable.
• Universal bracket can be mounted onto most 3d printers.

Print head with Auger Extruder 
Print head with Auger Extruder

Syringe pump

• Direct mechanical filling guarantees the highest printing quality.
• Powerful so it can dispense thick, just slightly diluted clay to provide stability for complex prints.
• Safe and silent. Does not use compressed air, does not have exposed moving parts.
• Easy to assemble, disassemble, and maintain.

Powerful syringe pump 
Powerful syringe pump

Micro printing set

Intended to let you experiment with different materials other than clay: glaze, metal clay, soldering paste, paint etc.; compatible with standard disposable syringes. To use this set, you have to fill a disposable syringe with the material of your choice, place it inside the pump of the basic KIT, then connect the pipe and appropriate nozzle from the set. Afterwards, the printing process is the same as with clay. We provide three syringes of 60ml and four nozzles of different diameters (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0mm).

Micro Printing Set 
Micro Printing Set

The Micro Printing Set is an experimental upgrade for experienced makers. The results will depend on the properties of the material, the choice of the nozzle, the printer settings, and other variables.

You can easily replace the syringe, pipe or nozzles of the Set if necessary – all these components are standard and easily available at local stores. You can also buy them from us at an affordable price.

Open design

We choose to make our products extendable, upgradable, and easy to maintain.
• The KIT is mainly built from standard spare parts.
• Standard threads and connectors facilitate customization and upgrades.
• Open architecture is perfect for experiments with new materials in different printers.
• We are building a community of users and makers around the project to promote the exchange of ideas, efficient development, and support. You are welcome to post the results of your experiments, get help, feedback, and recognition in our community. (



The Ceramic 3D Printing KIT is modular and extendable to meet the diverse needs and interests of our makers.

Basic KIT €375/450 (Early Bird/Retail price)

The fully functional set of equipment required to print all the most sophisticated ceramic objects, as shown above, and much more from clay. Just install it at your 3D printer and you are ready to go!

• Print head with nozzle diameter 3mm
• Syringe pump for 500ml of material (about 900g of clay)
• Control unit with power source and electronics


Standard KIT €400/480 (Early Bird/Retail price)

 • Basic KIT +

Micro Printing Set:

The Micro Printing Set lets you deposit, dispense or print using small volumes of materials such as glaze, paint, metal clay, soldering paste etc. The set is equipped with mounts for 60ml syringes. To use smaller syringes, we will provide the STL and OBJ files for appropriate mounts on our website.

The Micro Printing Set includes
 • 3 disposable syringes (60ml)
 • Special brackets
 • 4 Nozzles of diameters 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2mm, nozzle adapter, tiny pipe  



Technical Specifications

 • Layer thickness 0.3 ... 1.5 mm (clay/porcelain)
 • Printing speed 20 ... 100mm/s, recommended speed 30 ... 60mm/s (3mm nozzle)
 • Available nozzle diameters 0.5 ... 3mm
 • Capacity of the pump 500ml (about 900g of clay)
 • Print head weight 400g
 • Print head dimensions WxDxH = 36x40x175mm
 • Dimensions of the pump (assembled) diameter 80mm, length 930mm
 • Weight of the pump 3600g
 • Extruder and pump are powered through a separate power source; 150W, 110/230V.
 • Compatible with all the software and firmware for desktop FDM 3D printers
 • Easy plug-and-play installation in printers with the control boards, which have signal pins for external stepper motor drivers, or plug-in drivers. Among them are RAMPS, SMART RAMPS, RUMBA, RAMBo, SAV MKI, Megatronics, AZSMZ Mini, Gen7, Sanguinololu, PiBot, RADDS, Smoothieboard, Azteeg X3 and similar or compatible boards. The boards without those pins or plugs require minor soldering to work with the KIT. 

By the request, we will send you an installation manual specifically for your board.

High qualty made in Germany

The Ceramic 3D Printing KIT was designed by professional engineers for production and assembly in Germany. We will use a combination of imported and domestic components to assemble all KITs in Munich to have full quality control.



Why Do We Need Your Help?

By pre-ordering now, you will help us to reach our last important milestone: to cover the certification costs. For that, we cannot thank you enough. In return, you will get one of the first Ceramic 3D Printing KITs, so you can be an early adopter of this exciting project. As far as we have already come, we have only just scratched the surface of what is possible using this new printing technology. We need your help to take it further.

The StoneFlower Team

Everyone at StoneFlower has the single-minded focus to deliver an amazingly fulfilling 3D printing experience for everyone. We would like to give special thanks to our friends, families, colleagues, contributors, and to the makers who helped us get to where we are so quickly.

Dr. Dipl.-Eng. Anatoly Berezkin. CEO, product development, general business management, and certification.
Dipl.-Eng. Stanislav Mironov. Expert in PR, marketing, and supply.

Special Thanks to

  • Markus Primbs
  • Florencia Puppio
  • Andreas Schwanzer
  • Dr. Reinhard Sangl
  • ATV GmbH in Munich
  • Founders and members of the Google+ Community “Make Your Own Ceramic 3D Printer”.

How to Contact Us

Please, backe us on Kickstarter

If you have some questions, simply mail us:
More info, blog, tutorials, opensource, gallery etc. you can find at our website
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