Stilla Motion
Stilla Motion

This project has already launched.

Stilla is a smart motion sensor. Anything you put Stilla Motion on, in, or at will be in direct connection with you through bluetooth; if the item, surface, or person moves you’ll get an instant notification on your smartphone/smartwatch. 

Rather than solving the problems, Stilla is preventing them. You don’t have to look for your things if you don’t lose them in the first place. With Stilla your things will be guarded while you pay attention elsewhere.

You don’t have to worry about leaving your things behind either since you will get a notification to your phone or Smartwatch if you are starting to get out of Bluetooth range. When the hardware device detects motion you will get an instant notification. You can choose from different modes that will allow for the device to sound (at 85+dB) when the smartphone/smartwatch is silent, or vice versa–or just have them both making noise simultaneously.

The software uses smart Machine Learning algorithms that separate recurring motion (a train on the move) from unwanted activity (a bag being lifted up).



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