Stifit: Best way to improve your Health & Fitness
Stifit: Best way to improve your Health & Fitness

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Stifit: The futuristic fitness tracker with ultimate health and fitness tracking features. Innovative, smart, attractive and trendy tracker with best tracking features. It tracks not only your health status but able to track cycling, swimming and gym activities with accurate results. It covers more than 30 activities to track your fitness goals.

Stifit is not just an another activity tracker. It offers a complete way to track fitness and health goals.


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  1.  Is it compatible with Google Fit and Apple health?
    Yes, it is compatible with Google Fit and Apple health.
  2.  Is Stifit available in multiple colors?
     Yes. It is available in White, Red and Black color options.
  3.  Is Stifit Waterproof?
     Yes, it is waterproof and rated IP68.
  4.  Is it measure ECG medical grade accuracy?
    No, it is useful for normal update.
  5. Is it measure BMI & BMR Factors?
    Yes, it measures BMI and BMR factors.
  6. What about the calorie counting feature?
    Stifit uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the calories burnt based on many biometrical inputs.
  7. Is heart rate continuously monitored?
    Yes, it supports monitoring of heart rate continuously.
  8. Which tracking activities do Stifit Tracks?
    Health Tracking- Blood Oxygen, Sleep monitoring, Calories, Dynamic Heart Rate, Fatigue level.
    Exercise Tracking- Cardio, Reps of exercise, Gym exercises, No. of steps, Rope Skipping, Jumping Jack & Sit ups.
    Swimming Tracking- Swimming exercises, Stroke count, Distance Tracked & Swimming Session.
    Cycling Tracking- Navigation, Distance covered & Mileage detection.
  9. Is Web app of Stifit available?
    Yes, it also has a web app, iOS, and Android app to ease user experience.
  10. What are the Features of Stifit?
    It includes Several innovative features which include Compatible with all devices,  Web, Android and iOS Support, Activity & Health Tracker, Read & Reply to messages.

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