STICKY CITY: A graphic novel by Joe Bloch
STICKY CITY: A graphic novel by Joe Bloch

This project has already launched.

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STICKY CITY is a graphic novel illustrated by Joe Bloch, the owner of CREATIVEBLOCH, an art studio and gallery based in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The project will feature over 100 illustrations created on the iPad Pro.

The story is inspired by living in NYC and its various "STICKY" situations.  Joe visited and sketched hundreds of locations and is creating an alternative view of the city.  The story takes place in the present, past and future in a hybrid age called the "retro-post-industrial future". Joe's vision portrays familiar places in a twisted and reimagined time and space. 

The project will have various rewards and products, including both hard and soft cover versions.  Fans may also commission original art or receive limited edition signed prints. To preview the project on Kickstarter, visit:

Joe Bloch is the owner of CREATIVEBLOCH, a studio and gallery based in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  The studio serves as a residence for artists to create their work for commercial and fine art use. The gallery features shows from both emerging and established artists throughout the year. Joe has over 25 years experience as an artist, illustrator and creative director.

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