Early Childhood STEM Education Kits
Early Childhood STEM Education Kits

 STEMpowerkids provides monthly Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Activity Kits for children ages 3-8

Our children need to be more engaged in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math (STEM) than they currently are.

As a nation, our STEM scores are stagnating, our STEM jobs go unfilled, and our students lose interest in STEM at early ages. Studies show that children introduced to STEM eduational resources at a young age perform better in math and science than those who are not!  But, as we learned with our own son, it is time consuming, inconvenient, and costly to put together STEM projects for children that facilitate learning in a fun way. 

Our Solution: Use STEMpowerkids Activity Kits to engage young children and boost their skills in STEM fields.

In response to this challenge, we developed STEMpowerkids. Every month, we ship boxes of STEM activities to our subscribers. The kits come with easy-to-follow lesson plans (and materials!) for five or more different activities so parents or caretakers can skip the planning and preparation and get straight to the fun part -- learning and playing with their child!  

As of this writing, we've just finished the sixth month of our pilot program. As part of the pilot, we sent out six activity kits which chronologically build on each other to both literally and figuratively increase the tools in our subscriber's STEM tool box.

The first boxes we are looking to manufacture are:

1) Curious Chemists

This collection of five experiments, including the popular Tiny Canister Rocket, serves as the perfect introduction to the STEMpowerkids program. Complete with the signature STEMpowerkids Safety Goggles and STEMpowerkids Test Tubes + Test Tube rack, the Curious Chemists Activity Kit teaches children about mixing, measuring, solutions, concentrations, and color in a fun and engaging way!

Exploring Curious Chemists!

2) Mind Over Matter


This series of experiments focuses on exploring the three different states of matter -- solid, liquid, and gas -- through experiments designed to encourage a child to observe and test the world around them. After working through Mind Over Matter, children have new ways to categorize matter in the world around them!

Using a dropper to make Gak, an interesting solid/liquid mix!

3) Charged Up!

This hyper-charged activity kit includes great demonstrations of static electricity, measurement, conductance, and other electricity related subjects. Children will love using their battery to power light, playing with static electricity from balloons, and measuring things around the house. But have no fear! As long as these experiments are performed with an adult helper, the only risk should be of having an electrifyingly good time!

Putting together a circuit testor has never been so fun!


4) Cute as a Bug

In Cute as a Bug, children learn about the difference between spiders and insects and begin to learn good scientific practices, such as observing animals without touching them. They also work on math skills and learn to build a catapult!

Bugs away!

5) Amphibian Arithmetic

Amphibian Arithmetic is a highly scalable kit designed to easily adapt to your child's knowledge and skill level in math. For children just learning about one-to-one correspondence or basic addition, the activities can be scaled back. For those already advanced in arithmetic, subtraction, multiplication, or even division can be introduced. To keep up the fun, this kit comes with dozens of miniature frog figurines and materials to make putty and paper lily pads!

Learning math is fun with STEMpowerkids frog counters and lily pads!

6) Air Force

After completing the six activities included in Air Force, children will have learned all about air flow and pressure via experiments involving balloons, ping pong balls, and plenty of fun!

Markers! Ping pong balls! Exploring Bernoulli's Principle!

You might be thinking: Oh, they sell toys. What's so special about that?

While our activity kits are a lot of fun, they are also educational. Each kit is designed by a team of STEM professionals and early childhood education experts ranging from a PhD and Assistant Professor in neural engineering to a teacher with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Ed and over 35 years of experience in the field. We incorporate only the best material into the curriculum of our kits. 

The feedback we've received from our pilot program users has both encouraged us in our endeavor and helped us to build a better product. We need to start producing our kits on a bigger scale than is possible with our volunteer-high-school-students in the sunroom of our home.

One of our volunteers, Paris, packing material to ship.

To produce STEMpowerkids activity kits, we need YOUR help. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on July 25th and would greatly appreciate your support in both funding and getting the word out. To support early childhood education:

  • Sign up for our mailing list at the top of this page,
  • Share our Prefundia page with your family, friends, and colleagues,
  • And help fund us on launch day! Every bit of funding matters!

Still need convincing? Read what our pilot subscribers have to say!

“I can’t tell you how much my science teacher heart loved this! Thanks!” -Jamie T.

Happy experimenting!

“My son absolutely loves his science projects from STEMpowerkids and I love that the experiments are so easy to do with him because all the supplies come right in the box!" -Jen

Excited to get started!

"I loved that he could perform the experiments with only a little guidance, and he loved creating a hypothesis and seeing if it was accurate." -Kelton’s Mom

Finally, let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Founded by a neural engineer dad and a former teacher mom, STEMpowerkids was inspired by efforts to accelerate the learning of our three year old son. After too many late nights spent brainstorming age appropriate projects and precious weekend mornings spent shopping for materials, we thought, "We can't be the only ones struggling to introduce STEM to our child in a fun, hands on way without it becoming a full time job."


With your help, we hope to fund mass production of our kits so we can give the gift of STEM to children around the country. And, if you don't need a kit at your house but still want to support STEM education, you can have us send a kit to Big Brothers Big Sisters instead.

 For more information, be sure to check out our website and our Facebook page!


Note: All boxes pictured are in their pilot state. They do not represent the manufactured product.

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