STEM Girl Social Network Video Documentary
STEM Girl Social Network Video Documentary

Hello my name is Miesha Williamson and I am the founder of STEM Girl Social Network. (STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) I have created an educational video series and social networking community to connect and encourage women in STEM. I have seven years of experience developing STEM educational programs. 

By donating today you will be supporting the creation of a interview series of women in STEM designed to develop and encourage young women entering STEM related fields.

The following is our budget.

$2,500 for a HD Film quality camera 

$1,000 for camera equipment

$5,000 for film editing

$2,000 for marketing materials

$5,000 for crew adn interns

$3,100 taxes and fundraising fees


Our Fundraiser will launch September 1st, 2015. Take the time to sign up for our newsletter and check us out here at


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