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STEM Career Comic Book - "David, Software Engineer"

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 STEM Comic Book - David, Software Engineer Crowdfunding Campaign

I’ve wanted to bring the STEM careers message to kids through comics for a long time. I grew up as a math and science guy that loved comics. My dad taught me how to read using comics. I know for a fact that comics work! Now that I have two children of my own I’ve worked to get my own kids interested in STEM. I did not find the existing materials to be very engaging. I am convinced that comics are a better way of getting this information into the hands of kids. 

My dream is to eventually create a SERIES of these STEM career comics for kids. Each comic will focus on a STEM job and give some insight into what that job is like, what they would spend their days doing, and what kind of money they can make. Each story will show how a middle school kid became a STEM professional.

Are you a parent or educator who wants to introduce a young person to different career choices but they think your monologues on the subject are boring? Then try "David, Software Engineer" by Lifestyle Learning Comics. This delightful tale incorporates real life - classes from middle school through college, applying for internships and jobs, and the flow and ebb of love relationships - with comic strip characters. And at the end, the book suggests different skills and abilities your child should try to learn in middle and high school (things like critical thinking, mathematical skills, active listening abilities, etc.) and what classes they should consider taking to learn that knowledge (English, Leadership, Drama, Inventions and Innovations, etc.). So, they can see if the projected career path looks inviting and then actively take steps in that direction.

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 STEM Comic Book - David, Software Engineer Crowdfunding Campaign

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