Steel Wool Night Photography Kit
Steel Wool Night Photography Kit

Abandoned Building in Wendover, UT.

The Rapture at The Salt Flats

Spider Legs at the Salt Flats

Double Arch - Moab, UT

Spinning at Arches National Park 

Abandoned Wendover, UT

Abandoned Airplane Hanger Orb

Do you love exploring abandonded places? 

Are you a night owl?

Are you intregued by night photography?

Steel wool photography is an exciting new way to combine all three of these passions into one.  

Help us as we create the best steel wool photography kit and help you create amazing night photographs. 


We are currently working on a prototype that will be better than the DIY, chain and wire wisk.  


Check out the prototyping sketches! 

The final product will include:

- A handle that is easy to hold on to
- Extendable and retractable to vary the length of the cable. 
- Cable wire instead of chain 
- Cage the holds in the steel wool effectively


We are supper excited to bring this product to you and as soon as we have renderings of the prototype we will post them up!! 

Stay tuned..!

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