SteadyOn Phone Case
SteadyOn Phone Case

SteadyOn is the fun and functional phone case that makes your phone a better camera. We've incorporated decades of the best camera design features into an elegant, lightweight and secure carrier for the times your phone is more of a camera; the concert, the zoo, the birthday party.

SteadyOn offers:

  • Ergonomic hand grip for faster framing.
  • Neckstrap for instant and more secure access.
  • Tripod mount when "rock steady" is required; serious video, time lapse, art reproduction, macro etc.
  • Anti-skid "grippy rubber" on base for stability on flat surface
  • Swappable lens capability 
  • Access to all phone functions
  • Ability to customize logo area for advertising, or just making a statement

Please visit us at to learn more. Please share your thoughts with us on prefundia.

Images of the Galaxy S5 prototype



The SteadyOn Phone Case has been developed by private funding over the last six months to the point that we can now demonstrate physical prototype of units for Samsung S5 and iPhone 6.

Design for Manufacture for both units was created by China 2 West Services LLC, a manufacturing consultancy, so that accurate quotes for molding and assembly were generated.


Based on these quotes, we propose to raise $32,000 through crowd funding to underwrite the costs of molds, manufacture of 1000 units, and fulfillment of the first orders.

As $20,000 of this initial cost is in the molding, SteadyOn will be available first in the iPhone 6 model. Molds for Samsung 5 or 6 models will be funded from profit as available.

Please send your support our way on Kickstarter in mid-June.

The Future Community

In continuation of the business, we believe SteadyOn can make a positive impact where phones meet photography and would expect to reach customers by working with pioneers along these lines like Photojojo.

SteadyOn Phone Case is expected to be available at retail (with faux leather strap) for $39.95 in September 2015.

We also believe retail sales can be achieved through websites catering to the traveler: Travelsmith, Rick Steves, and Magellan.

SteadyOn will also be available with customized lens images for private labeling or advertising premiums.


 SteadyOn iPhone 6 phone case prototype 

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