State Troopers
State Troopers

STATE TROOPERS - An Australian based Henshin/Superhero 'Episodic' Collection of Short Stories.

Ethan is a police officer, trying to weed out corruption. His girlfriend Natalie is a Nurse trying to further her career whilst fighting off her obsessive boss. Their friend Rocky is a Firefighter, looking to become something more.

When an event unites the three, they discover themselves as recruits for a new project. However something from the past threatens not only them, but the entire future of the city. They discover more about themselves, their relationships, the conflict and the very essence of their world.


Project planned for 2015 start date, with 2015 release date to follow. The book isn't too far from being finished, so the campaign MAY start earlier... depends.

This is my first writing project, and I've got a few awesome things in the works for both the Campaign Period, and Release Date!

Any interest is most definitely welcome!

Official Facebook Page: - This is where I provide ongoing updates about the project and some insights you won't find elsewhere.

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