Where do we go, when Earth is gone?

4 Astronauts wake up from cryonic stasis. But their spaceship is not exactly where they expected to be. In search for another Planet to populate the Crew finds themselves stranded on a Meteorite. Will they make it to their Destination Planet?
A Character based emotional Story combined with a classic Science-Fiction Plot reflects on our Time and our Values for Our Planet - ultimately raising the Question:

Where do we go, when Earth is gone?

Whether it be for the beautiful Images and Effects, for the heartwrenching Battle of the Crew, your Love for Sci-Fi or your Participation in a really cool Project.

Funders can receive the following benefits:

  • Standard Perks: Shirt, Poster, Comic, DVD, Merchandize... and so on
  • A Secret Merchandize Article (Limited)
  • Be called by full name in the Movie (Limited)
  • Include an Item of your Choice (Limited)
  • Include a Place of your Choice (Limited)
  • A Band may include one Song of them in the Movie (Limited)
  • Appear as an Extra (Limited)
  • Get Credited as a Funder in the Movie Credits

The Campaign is planned as a Multi-Step Campaign:

  1. Screenplay + Storyboard = Comic
  2. Pre-Production/Proof-of-Concept Episode = Trailer
  3. The Full Production

This is an independent Production aiming at between 100-200k.

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