Startup for Smart Growth: Sustainable Development
Startup for Smart Growth: Sustainable Development

Startup for Smart Growth: Sustainable Development


Hello: As an Architect and Planner, I am always thinking about the environment and the life of any unplanned area or city, where people are feeling more stress due to traffic, pollution, lack of housing, lack of infrastructure, more use of natural resources, more carbon emission etc. Therefore, for reducing such major problem of our environment I want to design and plan our cities in such a way which encourage environmental sustainability in terms of using more green products, renewable energy resources, proper planned cites as well as countrysides based on the smart growth principle, promoting green buildings etc.

So, it is an initiative for betterment of society through giving architectural design and city planning service based on sustainable design concept and smart growth principle, which will lead to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Thus, the focus of the startup is to achieve Sustainable Development Goals through Smart Growth Principle.


What We Need 

  • For this start up we need minimum capital for office space and initial assets cost including manpower and government approvals which is about 300000 USD.

The Impact

  • This start up project is valuable to the contributor and to the world because it care about the environment which is directly related to human development as well as it also improves social life, economy and living standard.

Risks & Challenges

There is no risk or challenges except skilled manpower, finance and government support. 

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