Star Ascension: a gritty sci-fi RPG on Open D6!
Star Ascension: a gritty sci-fi RPG on Open D6!

This project has already launched.

The Project  

Star Ascension is a new science fiction roleplaying game using Open D6. Using a modified version of the Open D6, we’ve play tested Star Ascension and have a solid RPG and universe developed. Our Quick Start is on and we’re now looking for funding to bring the full game to life with fantastic art!

As a matter of fact, roughly 95% of funds raised in this campaign will go straight to commissioning beautiful art from local independent artists! 

Key Game Features

*Uses the Open D6 System which is easy to learn and quick to play
*Flexible character creation - Use a template to create a character quickly or build your character from scratch
*Tactical style rules optimized for use with miniatures
*Trauma Points accumulate and result in psychological baggage
*Open Sandbox style rules allows you to play in our setting or create your own!
*Play in any sci-fi subgenre from sci fi horror to military fiction to cyberpunk and anything else! 

Hegemony agents infiltrate a smuggler base

The Story

In the late 23rd Century, the Star Ascension Project resulted in one of humanity’s greatest achievements- star drive technology. Having spent the previous two centuries crawling through space at fractions of the speed of light, humanity could now travel even further and quicker than ever before through deep space.

Your characters will seek new riches, explore new planets, defend against space pirate attacks, encounter hostile cyborgs, fight in interstellar wars and hopefully survive it all. Your characters will fight against injustice, fight for money, or maybe just fight because they can. 

Map of Known Space


Star Ascension is a sci-fi roleplaying game that explores many themes in both science fiction and science reality:

*Space travel and combat
*Free trading through space and resource management
*Psychological trauma and damage
*Cybernetics and loss of humanity
*Genetically enhanced people
*Genetically altered creatures
*The ethics of cloning and hyper-growth clones
*Piracy and crime in space
*Interstellar war and politics

Space Pirates!

The Game System

Star Ascension uses the Open D6 because of it's tried and true history and simplicity. The Open D6 has a very simple core mechanic in that Skills and Attribute are rated in terms of the number of six-sided dice you can roll. The goal is for your total to beat the established Difficulty Number or total rolled by another character.

Excerpt of the Equipment Page
Excerpt of the Equipment Page


Combat Medic Character Sheet
Combat Medic Character Sheet


A firefight with game miniatures!
A firefight with game miniatures!

What's New and Unique About Star Ascension?

Rather than being extraordinary people, characters in Star Ascension are built to be just as vulnerable as everyone else in the universe. This means player characters have just as much chance of dying as the NPCs they face! Character death is common, but handled by giving the character a chance to be resuscitated through cybernetics or allowing the player to create a new character of equivalent level. For particularly wealthy characters, hyper-growth clones are another option if not controversial. 

Because death and other horrors are common in Star Ascension, characters can accumulate Trauma Points every time they experience something psychologically damaging. Accumulate too much and a character flaw such as PTSD, Substance Addiction or Clinical Paranoia can crop up!

We use an updated form of the Open D6 system that's even more streamlined and optimized for tactical style game play.

Tactical Style Rules Optimized for Miniatures
Tactical Style Rules Optimized for Miniatures

Skill check and Difficulty scales have been modified such that usually only three or four dice are being rolled a time making game play quick and easy.

Unlike many other Open D6 games, Star Ascension uses Experience Points and Levels to track character advancement. This makes it easier to quantify a character's abilities and balance the challenges they face.

Characters also accumulate Infamy and Renown Points based on their actions that begin to form their reputation through the galaxy. Rather than choosing a moral alignment during character creation, their actions shape their morality over time.

Game Editions Included in the Rewards

EVERY backer gets one of the following game editions depending upon pledge amount:

Star Ascension: Recruit Edition

Recruit Edition Cover
Recruit Edition Cover


The Recruit Edition is our beginner's set of rules in a 100 page rule book. Print copies are softcover with color cover and interior. 

The Recruit Edition includes easy to customize Character Templates, Starship specs and layout, easy to master rules and a starting Adventure!

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Roleplaying Games
2. Character Creation
3. Basic Rules
4. Movement and Combat
5. Weapons and Gear
6. Space Travel
7. Gamemasters
8. NPCs: Adversaries and Allies
9. Starting Adventure
10. Character Advancement and XP

Star Ascension Core Rulebook

Core Rulebook Cover
Core Rulebook Cover

The 320 page Core Rulebook is the comprehensive rules for Star Ascension including more Character Templates, scratch character creation, advanced combat rules, full listing of Perks and Flaws, gazetteer of prominent planets, corporations and factions, expanded equipment list, more ship specs and layouts, detailed guide for campaign play and another adventure. 

Print copy is in hardcover with both color interior and exterior.

Table of Contents
1. What is a Roleplaying Game?
2, Introduction to the 24th Century
3. Character Creation
4. Basic Rules
5. Movement
6. Combat
7. Money, Weapons and Gear
8. Trauma Points, Experience Points and Other Rewards
9. Attributes and Skills
10. Perks, Flaws and Story Factors
11. Scratch Character Creation
12. Vehicle Movement and Combat
13. Space Travel and Starship Maintenance
14. Space Combat
15. Advanced Combat and Movement
16. Cybernetics, Robotics and AI
17. Genetics
18. Gamemasters
19. Running the Game
20. Adventure and Campaign Types
21. Creating Adventures
22. Equipment Index
23. Creatures
24. Friends and Foes
25. Vehicles
26. Starships
27. Prominent Planets
28. Adventure: Asteroid Blues

Starter Set
This set includes:
-Recruit Edition (Print AND PDF)
-Poster Map
-6 figures
-5 dice 

6 Figure Set
6 Figure Set

This is the perfect set to get started right away with all materials. An excellent gift option!

Full Set
This set includes:
-320 page Core Rulebook (Print AND PDF)
-Recruit Edition PDF
-poster map
-6 Figures
-5 Dice

This set immerses you into the Star Ascension action right away!

Master's Set
This set includes:
-320 page Core Rulebook (Print AND PDF)
-Recruit Edition PDF
-poster map
-12 Figures
-5 Dice
-MDF Terrain Obstacles Set (doors and crates)
This set is our most comprehensive Star Ascension Bundle

12 Figure Set
12 Figure Set

 Where will the funds go if this campaign is successful?

Roughly 95% of funds will go to commissioning art from local independent artists. Supporting Star Ascension not only brings you a great product and launch our game, but it supports several talented people in our local community of artists!

Concept sketch of an "H shuttle" by Etienne Andlau
Concept sketch of an "H shuttle" by Etienne Andlau

 The rest of the funds will go to miscellaneous expenses such as office supplies, fees and other minor costs.

Reward Fulfillment
PDFs will be fulfilled through DriveThruRPG. Print copies and game sets will be shipped direct from us to you!

Stretch Goals

EVERY backer receives the following Stretch Goal Rewards:

$4,000 - Ships Expansion: 6 Starship Specs and Floor Plans (PDF)

$5,000 - Module: Uprising on Cerulean Gate (PDF)

$6,000 - Outward Bound: A Free Trader Campaign (PDF)

$9,000 - The Earth Hegemony Sourcebook (PDF)

Where can I learn more about Star Ascension?

Our Quick Start is already available on DriveThruRPG.

Like us on Facebook!

Meet us in person at one of our demo events listed on our events page!

And of course on our website -

Thank you for your support and we look forward to bringing you Star Ascension!


Risks and challenges

As mentioned, 95% of the funds are needed for artwork. We have connected with and vetted dozens of very talented and local artists. Occasionally, artists become unavailable due to a number of life circumstances that could force us to drop certain artists from our project. I couldn't say the individual style of an artist can be replaced, but we know how to look for and find the right artists for our project.

The game itself is very nearly complete and all of the core rules and mechanics have been thoroughly play tested. The game itself is there, so there's no risk of not having a completed game.

In the unfortunate event we do not meet our funding goal, we will continue to produce the Recruit Edition hiring artists out of pocket which will make the product available in Summer of 2017. At that point we'll likely put Star Ascension on the back burner in pursuit of other game products we'd like to develop!

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