Standing On End - Worst in the World (Based on Me and You)
Standing On End - Worst in the World (Based on Me and You)

This project has already launched.

In the worst of times. Dark days come and haunt all hours of a life. Trapped inside with only candle light to lead the way. A lot of the journey hides in the shadows unable to reach the candles glow.

Find me on the edge of it all In the heart of the unknown 

Following the logic that crushed my home 

If you are looking for hope turnaround. 

This place will only challenge you. 

The sky has changed. 

I look up and see the interlocking branches 

So tightly wound 

So tightly wound 

Listen closely for repetition kills time (repetition kills time) 

Some of us aren’t meant to be 

At least we feel that way 

Hope not for death will come. 

That which turns 

Continuing to burn 

Hear it aloud 

A familiar sound. 

The strangest of shapes I take. 

Falling and spinning and falling again. 

Getting Drowsy and drowsy and drowsy. 


This is not a feel good album. Stories of fear and fatigue. Being worn down and stressed out, dragged through the mud and expected to smile through it all. The concept of this album is pain, suffering and an ongoing battle with mental health. The goal for this album is to share my stories and those closest to me who have found themselves alone. And by doing so, let anyone else who may find themselves in a similar state, know that they are not alone.

This album came to fruition one sleepless night when, in an attempt to battle insomnia, I began working on a new song. When sleep finally came to me at 10 am, I laid down my pen and put my head to rest. I awoke to find that I had written 4 songs. The songs did not have much shape but there was a connection of sorrow between the four ideas. For the next few weeks I continued to compose songs and as I did a bigger picture started to take shape. The decision to  record an album was staring me in the face. I had a stack of finished songs and more ideas coming everyday. I was engineering a recording session for a friend of mine, tracking some drums for a personal project and he asked me what I was working on. So, I showed him a track or two. He laid down some rough drum ideas and that was when the project became more than just a stack of pages with words on them. 

 I want to tell these stories in a way that sounds rich and full. That is why I am stepping back from the mixing board on this project and involving a lot of talented individuals to help me produce a finished product. I have played in bands my whole life and continue to do so, but even though this is a solo project I want this to be a collaborative effort. From the recording and mixing to the music video.This album is envisioned as a full experience including a complete album and an accompanying video(like the one seen above). 

Risks and challenges

Project Budget Breakdown 
Recording Costs (Studio Time, Engineering, Studio Musicians): $2050 
Mixing Costs (Mixing Engineer and Studio Time): $2100 
Mastering: $800 
Music Video Production, Publishing, Album Art, Misc: $1500. 
Total : $6450

My time line for this project, if it gets funded, will be to go into the studio in April 2018 and deliver a finished product by December 2018. In the time between I will be working tirelessly alongside talented individuals to complete the album and shoot the next music video. I wanted to give enough time so as to not rush the project. I really want to flush out the ideas and create something I am proud to share with all of you.

Thank you so much for your support.

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