Stand Up! Bully Busters Children's Book App
Stand Up! Bully Busters Children's Book App

Finally, an interactive and entertaining approach to banish bullying right at the tips of your fingers...

Want to help me educate children about bullying in a fun way?

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I've been fighting bullying for a LONG time. It all started when I was only 4-years-old.

My mom wanted me to feel better about myself. So, I decided I wanted to write a book. The book would not only help me get it out but, it would help others stand up to bullies and maybe even stop bullies from bullying. I'm 9-years-old now and I've written 2 books. I've won awards and have been in media all over the world.

I decided I wanted to go a bit further and create an app that kids can play on their tablets, ipads and computers. Teachers can even use it to teach in their classrooms.

Here's my story...


I've visited schools all over the world with my superhero friends Jessica & Diva-Pup to talk about bullying and my story is even in lesson plans in Seoul, Korea.




Take a peek at the lesson plan about me in Seoul, Korea schools.

Here are my books....


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