Stand By Me
Stand By Me

 Stand By Me, created and written by Marie Moussignac, is a sitcom based on the lives and interactions of four young women who are childhood best friends, virtually inseparable. These friends challenges the boundaries of friendship. 

The show revolves around the young friends living in New York City, sharing their various experiences together and enjoying themselves despite hard times. 

The series blends elements of comedy, romance, and drama. Episodes typically depict the friends' romantic adventures, career and life issues. 

I think we all can identify with certain or each character:

  • Brianna has a natural gift with interior design in which she works as a freelancer. She can be a little shy in certain situations and yet outgoing. She loves to laugh. She's very reliable and prides herself in being a great friend.
  • Angela is the "peacemaker/therapist" of the group. She's a first time school teacher. She's a hopeless romantic, optimist and full of compassion.
  • Hazel is feisty and fiery. Hazel has a lot of sex appeal and demands attention when she steps into a room. Although she comes off domineering, she has a very soft side for those closed to her. Her best friends and family are her kryptonite. She works as a legal aid for a law firm.
  • Shayla is the "class clown" of the group, sort of irresponsible and has some growing up to do. She's still learning herself and finding her way in the world. She comes from a family of money but does her best to be humble. She's beautiful but has no ego. She loves to laugh and make others do the same. She is the life of the party!

In this series, we get to see if Brianna’s drunken revelation turn out to be a colossal mistake, how Hazel comes to terms with possibly losing a best friend and we also get to see how Shayla transforms and sympathize with Angela’s life changing ordeal.

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