Motorized GoPro stabilizer
Motorized GoPro stabilizer






Hi, smooth video lovers ! 

Nobody likes watching shaky video footage. To address that issue, professionals use expensive camera stabilizers, and nowadays you can’t find a decent drone without one. Yet, for the simple head mounted action camera case, there’s no practical solution. That’s where the StabCam comes in.

Designed for filmmakers, by filmmakers.

We decided to combine our expertise in outdoor sports and mechanical engineering to bring the camera stabilization technology to a broader audience, with an innovative 3 axis motorized GoPro stabilizer that film autonomously your friends designed specifically for… every action sports lovers.

Two main features :

  • Stabilize your GoPro over 3 axis.
  • Autonomously track & film your friends !




Each of the camera’s motorised three axis is driven by a micro-controller, so that the camera stays perfectly smooth, regardless the kind of terrain you are riding on.


Check out the difference between a hard plugged GoPro and using Stabcam technology :

Endless compatibility

The Stabcam has a GoPro mount, indeed, you can plug it on any GoPro accessory. Could be a helmet, a rod, a bike, or even a suction cup...






We are not kidding, with this amazing feature, just plug the StabCam on your helmet then have your friend launch Stabtrack. The StabCam will then constantly track, follow and film your friend smoothly and autonomously, no matter how you ride, using smartphone's embedded GPS !

Choose between Smooth and Action follow depending the field you are riding on.


 Stabcam's algorithm use smartphone's GPS & accelerometer datas to anticipate your moves and focus the camera on you. 


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