SRT Sprinkler Removal Tool™  - Made in America
SRT Sprinkler Removal Tool™ - Made in America

Finally, a new way to replace lawn sprinkler heads without using a shovel, delivered right to your door.


  • Sturdy 15 Gauge Construction - Made from USA Aluminum Coated Steel.  Completely "Made In America"
  • 30 Inches Long - A Comfortable height, no need to lay on the ground while replacing a lawn sprinkler head.
  • Superior Grip - Solidly grips even the most stubborn sprinkler heads


  • SRT-1000 - Fits lawn sprinkler heads from 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" in Diameter.
  • SRT-2000 -  Fits lawn sprinkler heads from 2-1/2" to 2-3/4" in Diameter.


  • Fits many common pop-up style sprinkler heads and the smaller rotor style commercial grade sprinkler heads


  • Fits many common rotor style commercial-grade sprinkler heads


  • Handle Lock - Don't ever lose your handle by locking it into the SRT by tapping the end of the tool on a hard surface.
  • Special Flare - The flare on the end allows the SRT to fit many different types of sprinklers without changing anything on the tool
  • A Great Feel - We took the sturdy feel of an shovel and implemented it into our idea, this tool is so sturdy it can be passed on to your kids and even grand-kids.
  • Minimize Frustration - No more frustration of a sprinkler repair man, if a sprinkler head is broken simply take a few minutes to replace the broken head.
  • Easy Storage - In order to store your Sprinkler Removal Tool simply hang it on a nail using the handle hole.


Our first use of our money will be to order all the necessary materials to provide every backer with their reward.  After all of our backers are taken care of and all shipping costs are paid, we will then put the rest of the money toward the design and production of a machine to drill our holes faster.  If there is any  money left after all bills are paid then we will spend this money on marketing our product in order to educate anyone who has a sprinkler system about our tool.  We also support the KickingItForward Project so we will gladly pledge 5 percent of our profits back into the KickStarter community.


Early Backers will receive a large discount on their Sprinkler Removal Tool, buying them at wholesale pricing.

After all of the early bird rewards are gone the rest of the rewards are still below retail because shipping costs are included in the rewards.  Normal website pricing is $50 including shipping.  Take advantage of these great deals while they last before the campaign is over.

Risks and challenges



We have spent the past few years perfecting our product in manufacture, our product has been thoroughly tested by many homeowners just like you. We have sold over a thousand units in the past 2 years, while this is a large number we have not had to supply a large order. We want to be completely transparent to our backers about our challenges.

Manufacturing: Right now our major problem with our manufacturing facilities is our drill presses. Currently we are drilling holes one at a time and there is 5 holes in each SRT. We have designed and implemented jigs to align all of the holes correctly but it is still a slow process. We have been working with a local machine shop to find a new way to drill these holes faster in order to ramp up production.

Ship Date: If we reach our goal on KickStarter, it will be our largest order to date, we are confident in our current manufacturing capabilities to deliver all of the orders by the projected dates.

Suppliers: We work with several manufactures to supply all of our needs with USA manufactured products and we are confident that they will be able to supply all of our needs for manufacture.

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