Spring's Calling - A Seasons of Magic Urban Fantasy Novel
Spring's Calling - A Seasons of Magic Urban Fantasy Novel

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As balance returns to the world and fire rains from the heavens, the last daughter of Harrow’s blood rises to stand against the Old Guard’s return.

Police Detective Ezri Trenton bears the mantle of Savior of the magical community. Now, just days before the Vernal Equinox, her ancestor’s prophecy is about to come true. While struggling to solve a series of brutal murders, Ezri discovers her case is steeped in dark magic. Unraveling the truth reconnects her to the past she left behind and the family roots that run back to the Salem Witch Trials. Every step forward is a step nearer to danger. An ancient power is trying to secure a foothold in this world…and Ezri is the only one who can stop it.

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I'm Sarah Biglow. When I'm not writing young adult urban fantasy (Muse Song), I also dabble in cozy mysteries (Geeks and Things) and women's fiction (Unplanned). My day job (as an Investigator with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) allows me to channel my passion for combating discrimination and put my lawyer skills to good use. If it wasn't for my three-year stint in law school (including Criminal Procedure), Spring's Calling would have never been born!

I always loved fantasy and as I got older, I fell in love with urban fantasy. There's something about the realness of a modern setting mixed with the aspects of magic and wonder that really calls to me. One of the aspects of the story I really enjoyed creating was the "mechanics" of magic in this world, specifically the use of focus objects such as Ezri's pentacle pendant. This object, passed down through generations of witches in her family, contains great power and aids Ezri as she faces her destiny. I'm excited to bring the world of Spring's Calling to life with your help.


This project has been a labor of love for several years. First conceived during National Novel Writing Month in November 2012, Spring's Calling has undergone multiple rounds of revision with feedback from beta readers (including 6 drafts and 2 complete rewrites) and an excellent freelance editor (you can find out more about her under "Who's My Team"), which cost about $1,400. Now, I'm ready to share Ezri's story with the world. That's where you come in.

If you love magic rooted in nature, evil cults, mysterious resurrections, and a centuries' old prophecy about to come true, then this book is for you!

I just need to raise $2,000 to make publication possible and put the book into your waiting hands! With your help, my team of cover designers, editors and I can produce the best version of this book to deliver to readers like you!

Want to leave a bigger mark on Ezir's world? Grab one of the last remaining $100 pledges to create a character for book 2 in the series!


For your generosity and support, there are a host of goodies in store for you. Here's what your pledge gets you:








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If you're curious how this is coming to fruition, here's a timeline for you, too.

I intend to publish Spring's Calling November 2018. This means you get your rewards 1-2 months before they become available at retailers

Here's what it all looks like:




As an independent author, it falls on me to cover all the costs a traditional publisher takes on. Here's a breakdown of the costs for this campaign and what you are supporting with your pledge:


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Rebecca works with numerous traditional publishers and provides services to independent authors like me through Reedsy. Rebecca already whipped Spring's Calling into shape with an excellent editorial assessment. Thanks to her, you get the best story possible. Check out her work here.


Ken is an experienced copy editor and proofreader who did the copy editing on all my recently-published novels. I wouldn't trust anyone else with Spring's Calling. He'll make sure the book is free of errors and reads perfectly. You can see more about him here.


I worked with DDD for the cover of Muse Song and absolutely adore their work. They are versatile and spot on with the covers they design. Check out their portfolio here.


Keith is a local Boston-area jewelry designer who creates custom jewelry and bookmarks which are sold worldwide. He has a studio in Boston which is open to the public. His beautiful handiwork, incorporating a key piece of Ezri's story, is available for a limited number of backers.


 Once we reach 100% funding, I'll share what additional perks are awaiting you with our stretch goals!

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