Sports4App: Play sports with people
Sports4App: Play sports with people

This project has already launched.

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# What is Sports4App?

Sports4App is an application for playing sports with people and find a match partner.

If for example you want to play football and you are 3, you can get the rest of your team through the App, and add to the event people of your same interests. If you can not find an event, you can create it one.

Now imagine that you want to play the basketball, but you need to find people just as professional as you. With our app you can also do it. You only have to decide when creating the event the level of the game that you prefer (professional, amateur, beginner ...). That way we will always enjoy it ;-)

# Sports4App, a story between friends

The App is no coincidence that exists today. The idea begins one day that Rafael and a good friend, wanted to do sport, but unfortunately were only two. Then when Rafael got home he came up with the idea of developing an app that would help you find a partner to play a game near home. So it was!

Another thing that always happened, is that when Rafael went to play, or found a partner, always had a different level than he. That's why this is one of the most careful aspects of the app!

With the app you can always see the level of play in each event, and you can add as you are beginner, professional ... or just want to play a little football ;-)

# Create or look for events easily

We know that finding a partner to play a sport is not easy, especially if you are new to a city, or just entering college and still do not know anyone.

With Sports4App you have the option of creating games or events, which is what we like to call them.

Events are nothing more than people who want to play the same sport, at the same level, a day in particular and close to where you live.

You can join one, or you can create it one.

# Talk to your teammates before starting the game

Everybody like to get to know someone well before making any contact, or to meet with him. We have thought so, so with Sports4App you can talk to your teammates before you stay with them or play. What better than that?

In addition, you can speak directly to him or talk in group chat of the event at the same time with all the players.

So you can ask them how they are given the basketball, if they prefer to stay a little later, or if they live in your area ;-)

# See the opinions at the moment

It is important that each user values those with whom they have played before, for futures events and matches, and to be able to reward them if they have respected the rules of the game or not :)

With Sports4App, in addition to adding stars, you can always leave a comment and recommend to your match partner along with the rest of the community.

In addition, you can separately assess sportsmanship, attendance, or even if you have played according to match level!

# Sportsmanship, among our values

We love sports, meet and compete under the same goal, and with a strong team and always united. That's why we value that sportsmanship is the essence of every game and event that is believed under our app.

Values such as respect, tolerance, friendship ... serve us to promote a healthy project like ours, and loaded with energy!

And to reward all this, we have developed an algorithm that obtains the average player, rewarding as always sportsmanship ;-)

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