Spinal Blast™: Psychiatry meets Strategy RPG
Spinal Blast™: Psychiatry meets Strategy RPG

What is Spinal Blast™?

Spinal Blast is 2D Retro Strategy RPG infused with platformer elements, inspired by games like the D♥sgaea series, Ice Cl♥mber, and Super M♥rio World. It is fully bilingual in English & Japanese, and features classic fast paced SRPG combat, psychology-influenced gameplay mechanics, and an eccentric anime & cartoon comedy storyline.

The game mechanics are based on psychological ideas and psychiatric themes:
✌ Help Ulyss and Tay, two space explorers, find their crew and escape Psychoreality.
✌ Psychoreality is a dimension where all of your bad feelings immediately become real. You can't hide them.
✌ Help your characters be mean to each other to collect Anger, Stress, and Sorrow points.
✌ Use these points to activate transformations into bizarre incarnations of psychological states.
✌ As you regain crew members and Psychoreality natives, build a huge psychiatry powered army to wage SRPG combat.

Spinal Blast is "Psychiatry meets SRPG".

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