Spike + Bar
Spike + Bar

This project has already launched.

The Spike + Bar is a unique Titanium EDC Spike and Pry tool that is cleverly designed to be easy to carry, lightweight and tough!














Stop using using your knife tip as a pry bar!



You can use the Spike + Bar to:

  • Open stubborn packages (I'm looking at you, bag of beef-jerky).
  • Pry paint can lids.
  • Pry open sticky drawers.
  • Punch holes into materials including leather and sheet metal.
  • No can opener? Use the Spike + Bar.
  • Loosen stubborn knots.
  • Press those small "reset" buttons.
  • Break hard ground and ice while on a camping trip. 
  • Pry staples.
  • Use it as an awl to mark metal and wood for construction projects. 
  • For commuters and bikers, it makes a great tool for adjusting air tire valve stem pressure.
  • Breaking through a window in an emergency. 
  • ...and more!

The Spike + Bar has been designed to include O-Rings for grip, an ergonomically knurled case/handle and a strong but lightweight Titanium spike/pry tip!


In addition to the standard Titanium spike configuration, the Spike + Bar is also available in Copper and Brass!


 Great camping tool!


 Metal Options:  

  • Copper Case / Titanium Spike  
  • Copper Case / Copper Spike  
  • Aluminum Case / Titanium Spike  
  • Brass Case / Titanium Spike  
  • Brass Case / Brass Spike













The Spike + Bar is machined in Minneapolis, by me.


 The Spike + Bar is available with a lightweight Titanium Spike option.


 Spike + Bar dimensions:

  • .62" Diameter
  • 3.36" Overall Spiked Configuration Length
  • 2.75" Cased Configuration Length
  • 2.22" Spike Length

Spike + Bar weights:

  • .07 oz -  Aluminum Case / Titanium Spike
  • 1.8 oz - Copper or Brass Case / Titanium Spike
  • 2.6 oz - Copper or Brass Case / Copper or Brass Spike















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