Spicy, Opinionated Gingerbread Women - Cookies and Decorating kits
Spicy, Opinionated Gingerbread Women - Cookies and Decorating kits

This project has already launched.

We are a tiny London-based bakery that makes artisan gingerbread woman cookies and decorating kits.

What our project is all about:

This Christmas, we want to crumble the gingerbread patriarchy with the full force of feminine beauty, charm, wit, strength and sensuality. 

We have designed three entirely novel, world-exclusive ranges of fun and fearless gingerbread ladies, which we want to ship out to you for your holiday celebrations. Our Sassy Gingerbread range is made up of cute, power-hungry female superheroes, our Bossy Gingerbread range contains some wildly determined girlbosses, and our Slutty Gingerbread  oozes spice and body-confidence. 

We have devised a genius recipe that makes our gingerbread ladies strong on the outside, but  chewy on the inside, with a heart of golden spice. Our extensive product trials so far have proven that these cookies will be received with screams of delight by their eaters. We have also sourced the best quality ingredients to pack up and make into a decorating kit to allow you to just do the fun, creative parts of dressing your ladies in the most outrageous fashion (and share the results with the world on Instagram). For inspiration, check out our Slutty Gingerbread Instagram feed. 

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