SPECTA The 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen & Fidget Ball Combo
SPECTA The 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen & Fidget Ball Combo

This project has already launched.


Many fidget devices offer great features for releasing energy, but most of them are made of plastic, which is flimsy and relegates them to being perceived as a toy. SPECTA seeks to change that, by creating a high-quality, serious tool for both fidgeting and work.

The SPECTA Pen is a premium EDC pen, sleekly machined of aluminum alloy that reimagines fidgeting with a pen altogether. Its nearly silent operation is discreet, letting you fidget without distracting those around you, and the hefty aluminum build feels rewarding and reassuring in your hand. We love it so much that we've patented it!

The SPECTA Ball is a hybrid pen stand and fidget device with 9 unique functions. Like the SPECTA Pen, its durable, spherical unibody is milled from a single block of aluminum, and every inch serves a function. It comes with 9 amazing features. Six for fidgeters! 

Technical Specs | 100% Machined, 100% Premium Alloy

  • PEN
  • Dimension: 10.8mm x 133mm
  • Weight + refill (Clip): Aluminum (24g), Aluminum+Brass/Copper (40g/41g), Brass (46g), Copper (48g) 
  • Weight + refill (Clipless): Aluminum (22g), Aluminum+Brass/Copper (38g/39g), 44g (Brass), Copper (46g) 
  • Cartridge / Refill: 1 x G2 Parker style Ballpoint refill installed (Black)
    Designed to take the popular G2 Parker-Style refills. Confirmed accepted refills: Parker Ballpoint(France v.), Schmidt Ballpoint P900, Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Ballpoint, Monteverde Ballpoint/Ceramic Gel.
  • Stylus: 5mm Soft Rubber Tip/Nib
  • Patented!
  • BALL
  • Dimension: 32mm x 34mm
  • Weight: Aluminum (50g)
  • Patent Pending

Our Story  

We started on the idea of SPECTA back in early 2016. We want to create a solution can improve productivity and reduce anxiety through fidgeting. The product we envisioned has to be unique, high quality and beautifully designed.

Funmodity is founded in Los Angeles, CA by Shin Feng, an industrial designer and inventor. His mission is to design and make small products that touches our daily lives with a hint of fun and uniqueness. 

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