Speak Easy Specials
Speak Easy Specials

The night life app to end all night life apps!

What it is

Speak Easy Specials will be a phone app that lets users easily find local food and drink specials as well as entertainment events going on. 

Who We Are.

Karl and Kevin thought of Speak Easy specials one night while we were broke but wanting to drink some whiskey. The only places we knew the specials of that night were for rum and another for vodka. We couldn't find one place online for our city with any specials. Looking at other bigger cities even their specials lists seemed limited. We could see the need for this list but the execution of it has yet to be mastered.  We scoured the globe for a development company from Delhi to Beverly Hills and had trouble finding someone that understood the idea of a drink special app for the drinker, many of them wanted to make it a navigation tool or even a reality show on your phone. We were glad to find a developer right here in our own back yard that immediately grasped the idea of the project, and while they didn't put in the lowest bid Baseline Creative put in the most complete proposal that made us realize they shared our vision of Speak Easy Specials.

Why We Matter!

We started the dream from the users perspective and we want to work to make an app that's worth using. We're less interested in selling advertising and more interested in getting people the right drink at the right time! The other apps and lists out there are limited in scope and ignore the amazing technologies we have at our fingertips.  They target certain area's and then only have what few places pay for advertising with them. In turn what limited specials they do have are often neglected and out of date, this leads to the number one request out there "Let the user post the specials" and we've heard you!  We are not just building an app but a community so that anywhere there is a Speak Easy Specials user the app can be used!

The App

Speak Easy Specials will be a phone app for both Android and iOS. It will allow the user to search and post food and drink specials in the form of Rumors as well as find entertainment events in their area. Users will also be able to search Official posts by bars, bands, or other venues and entertainers. To help validate the Rumors section users will be able to vote if the information is true or false.

(prototype screenshot) 

Venues and entertainers will still be able to promote with us.  Advertising their specials and events is easy, automatically listing their posts higher on the list depending on their subscription level. Subscribers will also get a few extras like splash ads or push notifications, we also hope to raise enough funds to make interactive specials displays for top level subscribers! Speak Easy Specials hopes to create a useful tool for consumers while being able to support itself with tasteful advertising that would benefit the user by letting them easily know whats going on in their area.  Being able to look at preferred drinks, locations, or other amenities by refined searches or just browsing to see whats available will help make going out smooth and painless. Allowing users to submit information means it will be useful anywhere you frequent and even when you travel.

(prototype screenshot)

The Event Coordinator lets users make private events like birthday parties, ladies nights out, work functions, or anything in between and invite their friends. Host features will allow promoters to make Official Public or Private events. If we reach the stretch goal of gamification we will be able to include awards and achievements for things like pub crawls or charity events you attend or host.

Check in features will help the event functions provide rewards for the gamification areas, but they will also let users see at a glance if any of their friends are out and about making spontaneous nights with your favorite people happen more frequently.

(prototype screenshot)

Getting a cab will be easy too, we want you to be able to get home safe after a fun night out so our app will look at the cab companies in your area based on your GPS location and help you call them in your moments of glory. 

 The Goal 

We are asking for $20,000.  Our development cost is about $10,000 to get the app in place, and when it comes down to it that's all we really need. Everything beyond that will first go to costs surrounding the Kickstarter, and then into further marketing. If we are able to raise more than our original amount we have some really cool stretch goals planned starting with gamification of the app so you can hand out digital rewards for your next birthday or pub crawl.  We are also working on getting an interactive specials board for venues and so much more.  So please think about sharing this page if you'd like to see Speak Easy Specials come to life and look for our kickstarter coming soon!



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