Spark II- The Watch That Keeps You Awake
Spark II- The Watch That Keeps You Awake

Doze off often? Spark can help.

We've all been there. It's 2PM and your eyelids are slowly drooping as you struggle to stay awake in class. In fact, that's exactly the kind of situation that made us come up with the idea for Spark. 

As students, we were tired of struggling to stay awake and believed that coffee and red bull weren't the ideal solutions. That's why we created Spark- The Watch That Keeps You Awake.



's video poster 





 So how does Spark work?

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 Over months of testing and prototyping, we've developed a series of motion tracking algorithms that helps Spark predict your conscious state. When it detects that you have dozed off in the middle of the day, Spark gives off a gentle vibration to get you back on track. 

To keep you awake longer, we've given Spark an exceptional average battery life of over 4 days. Check out more of it's awesome features below:



Our goal was to design a digital watch that felt like a real timepiece on your wrist. To accomplish this, we gave the watch a classic feel by encasing it with brushed stainless steel. 

Spark is also one of the thinnest smart-watches on the market. We did this specifically to appeal to both markets- men and women. At 9mm thin and weighing 0.3Kg, everything about Spark emanates modern class. See for yourself!






 Why we need your support!

We need your help to fund a second run of production. The initial funding from our first campaign got us past design, development, and a first production run, but we need some help to continue. In addition to just fueling a second run of production, we are also adding more features to the watch that will be available to you, our backers! Check them out below.

  • Huge variety of strap options including more than 8 new colors and leather.
  • Unique new background images including concepts inspired by nature and space.
  • Custom watch boxes for gifts and other occasions.

If you don't have any funds to support us at the minute, we understand. However, you can still help! You can share the project on social media and help get the word out.



Our Team

Behind Spark is a team of passionate students, educators, entrepreneurs, and developers. We all believe in building tools to help solve problems and Spark is our first hardware device that we've built. 


Our Story

The idea for Spark came out of a high school classroom. Literally. 

In his last year of high school, our founder's older brother was taking a timed examination that would determine whether or not he would advance to his top choice colleges. He was a top student in his class and very academically talented. However, a family incident occurred the night before and he didn't get any sleep. During the test, he dozed off during one of the sections and was out for almost 15 minutes of the exam. Unfortunately, when test scores were announced, he did not score as high as he had hoped and ultimately did not advance to the college of his choice. Given the circumstances, he likely would have done better on the exam had he been able to stay awake. Thus the idea for Spark was born.

Soon after, we found that it's not just students who have trouble staying awake during the day. Office workers, medical staff, and even security guards were coming to us and asking for the watch. Some of them had to work overnight shifts and found it hard to get their bodies to adjust. Some of them were struggling from micro-sleeps. Some of them had even tried pinching themselves in order to stay awake during the day, but just couldn't!



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