Spanish For Travelers
Spanish For Travelers

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Spanish for Travelers: A Learning Journal is a beautifully designed and innovative self-study guide for people visiting Spanish-speaking countries. 

Readers will learn vocabulary words, basic grammar, common questions and answers, short dialogues, and local expressions that will help them become more independent travelers.

This book encourages the reader to create their own learning experience by providing working and creative spaces throughout its different chapters.


Spanish for Travelers is focused on you through a self-study format and on communication over grammar, thus facilitating your learning process and making it much more meaningful, close, and motivating for you.


We know that traveling is not the only way to learn Spanish. Maybe you're learning from home, which is an adventure on its own. This is why we designed the book in a way that looks attractive and will add style to your bookshelf.


Spanish for Travelers will accompany the reader through their traveling experiences with beautiful illustrations and a travel-themed layout.



We designed a high-quality book that will accompany you wherever you go. We paid attention to details and worked to craft a product that will be comfortable to use and long-lasting. 



The Book

Spanish for Travelers: A Learning Journal will be the best traveling companion you'll ever have. Beautifully designed and filled with useful activities and vocabulary, the book will help you be a more independent traveler. 

The Postcards

A set of five postcards featuring illustrations from the book. A great way to share your travel experiences with friends and family!


All Kickstarter pledges come with the full PDF version of Spanish for Travelers.

Spanish chat with the creator

Eduardo will talk to you about traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, help you start learning Spanish or share his experience self-publishing a book. 


Eduardo Mora is an educator and writer and is the creator of Spanish for Travelers.

Following his passion for language learning and storytelling, he founded Brightlab, a language learning studio where he is the owner and creative director.

At Brightlab his work ranges from self-study guides to children’s books that aim to help shape a future where everyone can understand each other and work collaboratively.

Originally from Valparaiso, Chile, he now lives and works in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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