Space Cat Enamel Pins
Space Cat Enamel Pins

This project has already launched.

Hey there, superstars! Sugar Lagoon is proud to present a new Kickstarter project featuring amazingly adorable enamel pins. Pawspace Command needs YOU! With your help we can bring these cute designs to life, and spread the word to the world that you are a First Class Space Cat! Earn your kitty ears today! 

Our adorable space cat enamel pin comes complete with all the sparkle and glitter you've come to love and expect from Sugar Lagoon and the Catstellations! Featuring soft pastel colors and a whimsical design, we are so proud to bring our very first enamel pin to life! We need your help to make this dream happen, as funds for such things can be costly to start up.  With your help we will add some cosmically cute enamel pins to our starring lineup.

As part of Kickstarter's 'All in One' promotion this campaign will run for one week, and features only one tier - our fantastic Space Cat enamel pin!

First Class Space Cat Enamel Pin

First Class Space Cat, reporting for duty!

Earn your kitty ears with this purr-fect enamel pin, complete with glitter accents because let's face it, glitter makes things more magical! Our enamel pins will be manufactured using top quality materials and inspected for quality! If you'd like more than one pin, simply add the amount on to your pledge!

  • Hard Enamel Pin
  • Glitter Elements
  • Signed and Numbered backing cards 

 Kickstarter is a fantastic platform for raising funds and getting the product seen. After a poll of Sugar Lagoon fans, the preference was Kickstarter to any other method of pre-order, so here we are! I am proud to be a part of the Kickstarter community, where everyone shares in supporting and helping one another. Thanks, Kickstarter and the community!

Breakdown of funds

  • 90% for pin manufacturing
  • 10% Kickstarter and Payment fees

Of course we have some fun ideas that we will reveal as we reach our goal. Stay tuned, our super cute stretch goals are to be announced! 

What is Sugar Lagoon?

Sugar Lagoon is a small indie business that has been creating colorful characters and accessories since 2013. The brand name comes from the place that our characters reside, The Sugar Lagoon. A candy coated wonderland complete with animal companions and hidden surprises. The Sugar Lagoon exists in the imagination of our characters, everyday domestic animals that day dream of fantastic adventures together.

 More about me

I'm an artist, a writer, dreamer, creator and magic maker!

The creative mind behind Sugar Lagoon, I love all things cute, cosmic and mermaid! I draw inspiration from all the beauty of life, and love channeling all the positive energy of the universe into fun designs, ideas, characters, crafts and stories. 

I also travel the country to bring you the whimsy and fantasy of Sugar Lagoon so that I can spread the joy and happiness that these characters and their values bring to the world!

You can get social with me and check Sugar Lagoon out here:

Facebook | Instagram | Sugarlagoon

As always, your support and love is what helps us grow! What began as a small crafting hobby in the bedroom of my home has grown to a small indie business still out of my home, with many new and exciting things. You make it all possible, you're all superstars!

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