Southern Swaddle - A Friendly Baby Swaddle
Southern Swaddle - A Friendly Baby Swaddle

This project has already launched.

The Idea:

   A baby swaddle created by picky parents for their own newborn baby. It is safe to use, helps your little one sleep better, is made of a thin and stretchy fabric, and manufactured right here in the United States!

The Product:

   Our swaddle is made by parents (that's us!), for parents. It is made of a breathable, wicking fabric.

The Story:

   It all started when we began looking for the first swaddle for our baby. My wife and I did the research most new parents do, not knowing the difference between what we needed and what we thought we needed. Our journey on finding a safe swaddle quickly became filled with bad reviews, cheap fabric squares, and stories of mishaps. We had no idea that looking for a simple swaddle would end with us feeling confused and scared. 

   We set out to design a swaddle that we would use on our own baby. After much drawing, designing, frustration, and sewing, we have crafted the swaddle we are proud to call our own. We also decided to use fabric only from the United States. Nothing we use will be from China.

Sewing the swaddles 
Sewing the swaddles

Our Progress

   We have our signature swaddle designed, and ready for the world. Our prototype has been sent off to the supplier, priced, and is ready for production. We have also confirmed the fabric needed with our fabric supplier. Our supplier has also confirmed that they can have the swaddles produced in time for Christmas! Everyone is just waiting on the confirmation (and $$$) to begin production and packaging.

Why We Need You

   We have been bootstrapping this project, and after exhausting our own savings and retirement, we decided to start a Kickstarter campaign. We don't want to take out credit cards because Dave Ramsey would be very upset with us. Our company mission is to "create the best infant sleeping experience through innovation and research." The ultimate goal of our company is to understand and solve the problem of SIDS. We know that we can accomplish this with nothing other than persistence and the support of our fans.

   Successfully starting a business can be very challenging, nearly impossible, when you consider the odds. We have done our homework for several months now. I have personally studied Kickstarter for years. We are confident we have properly prepared and accounted for all of the costs and different scenarios. We have also developed a 30+ page business plan. Yes, you read that right, a Kickstarter project with a business plan!

   One major challenge companies face is finding a trustworthy supplier. With most of these being overseas, communication breakdowns can happen quickly. It can take a long time to receive samples and products, as well. We have worked hard to establish suppliers located in the US only. This gives us many advantages, one being a superb and speedy level of communication.

   We have planned, planned, and planned some more. We have a main supplier, a backup supplier, and a backup plan if demand exceeds both of their capacities. There is concern that the swaddles may not all be delivered by Christmas, but we have done our best to finalize everything and minimize downfalls.

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