Soul Gate 'Spirit Boards'
Soul Gate 'Spirit Boards'

Fulfilling a life long passion of creating an alternative look to
the traditional Ouija board.

The Ouija board came straight out of the American 19th century obsession with spiritualism.
In 1891, a Pittsburgh toy and novelty shop, started advertising: “Ouija, the Wonderful Talking Board,” which went on to describe a magical device that answered questions “about the past, present and future with marvelous accuracy”, "a link between the known and unknown, the material and immaterial.” Another advertisement declared it “Proven at Patent Office before it was allowed.”

Little has changed in the way of design for that board, patented over 120 years ago. A flat wood grain looking board with the letters of the alphabet arrayed in two semi-circles above the numbers 0 through 9 all printed in black which makes it a basic two colour piece; the words “yes” and “no” in the uppermost corners, “goodbye” at the bottom; the planchette is a teardrop-shaped device, comes with it and is used to travel over the board and stopping at a letter or a number, when the connection with a spirit has been made.



Two or more people take part placing their finger tips on the planchette, pose a question, and follow the planchette as it moves from letter to letter.

My name is Shara Ross a career graphic designer, artist and writer. I love design, creating and writing and am thankful that I can create art for a living. I became fascinated with Ouija Boards when I was in my teens when my girlfriends and I used it to speak to her deceased cousin. I don’t know who we ended up speaking to but I know it was someone..... or something.... and it ended up spinning the plaquered on the board so quickly it left the board entirely! Since then I have always loved what the board represents. A possible link to that which is beyond our scope of reality, a portal through which communication is possible. I do believe in life after life and I believe you can talk to those who have passed on.

The Ouija board gained a sinister reputation after the movie called 'The Exorcist' implied the character played by Linda Blair became possessed by a demon after using one. Before that, it was more of a fun game meant and played by the whole family. It became associated with evil because of movie hysteria. That doesn't mean to say you can't invite negative spirits to talk to you. But imagine all the millions of people who have used Ouija boards, and continue to do so to this day. If it was a means for spirits to possess you, we'd have a lot of demonic like people wandering the earth. Just saying. :)

I felt inspired to create new boards. I always thought it would end up being a Tarot deck I would do first, a long standing passion of mine as well, but what started out as a pet project grew into the three boards shown here.... as I've always thought that the Ouija board deserved more than the very generic design it has displayed almost since it's inception.

I’ve created a series of Soul Gate Boards. The first three designs are the feature boards in this campaign and as of yet the only designs thus far. If there is interest, I will continue to do more.

The first design is titled PORTAL.

It signifies a gateway or a ‘portal’ to connect the user with the other side. It’s the most traditional of the three, more in line with the traditional Ouija Boards.


The second board is called CAROUSEL.

Sometimes life can feel like it is a continuous ride of ‘ups and downs’. As if you’re on perpetual carousel. We all want to get a glimpse of where the next ‘up’ is going to lead us, or when the next ‘down’ is coming. We consult the board for a little helpful insights, or to say hi to a loved one, or even just for the thrill.

The third board is named SYMBOLS.

It features the drawing of The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci, positioned on a pentagram. Man’s position inside the metaphysical. How appropriate I thought, for a Ouija Board. There is the “Les reines de France” by A.Celliez ed. Lehuby in 1851 France which represents the female aspect of humanity, and a symbol of ‘building your life’ with the architectural drawing on the left.
The medallion underneath symbolizing the perfection of geometry, in an ancient, perfectly proportioned drawn vine.


The line will continue with new designs after this series, that is if there is enough people who love it enough to help. Thanks to you in advance. Your contribution is an inspiration!


In order to make these boards I'm looking for some seed money to get them produced. I also want to try out different substrates, like glass. Either way, start up money is required and indiegogo is a great platform to see which ones are favored and to get feedback and generate interest.

$6,000 in order to cover production costs. Here's a breakdown:

Fees from IndieGogo, Paypal (3%) and Credit Cards (3%)
Cost of fulfilling perks (prints, shipping, third party vendors, packaging, etc. costs are a large portion of the amount were asking)
Third party vendors required to complete the production of the boards
If we meet our goal, anything extra will be used to go into the production of new designs.
Can't share financially? That's OK - you can help us by spreading the word to your friends and around the web. I'm kinda lousy at it, that whole social media thing.


$10.00 - Embrace the essence of Soul Gate with this personal greeting postcard of PORTAL and fortune told as selected for you personally by our own Soul Gate spirit guide. You’ll also receive our heartfelt website recognition thank you.
Postcard example - PORTAL

$25.00 Gets your name listed on our website and on our Facebook page with a big fat THANK YOU! and a mailed sticker and matching magnet with your choice of board design. Size of both sticker and magnets are 5" x 3.5" sticker (Symbols and Portal). Carousel is 5" x 4 3/8".



Glass Boards
I love these simply as unique art. You can back light them, or use them as Ouija's. The glass surface protects the design, which is reversed printed underneath. If you place the boards on a white surface while using them you can see them clearly.
Celebrate the birth of Soul Gate Spirit Boards with an exclusive limited edition glass Soul Gate Board design of either PORTAL or CAROUSEL. These timeless editions are individually produced and numbered, limited to just 175 each. They are simply exquisite. You’ll also be welcomed to take part in the Soul Gate Message Board Project as well as receive our heartfelt website recognition thank you.


Here is a video showing the board against a window, on an easel.


Glass Eye Planchette's
These perks are very limited. Only 2 per board. The glass eyes are antique, and real. They can sell alone for up to $120.00. The wood planchette has been carved out to house the eye, and a lid built around it. The effect of the glassy eye gives the piece a whole other dimension in fun. Like you're being watched by the board!!!
Your choice of Portal, Symbols or Carousel board design and sensational hand crafted “all seeing eye” planchette. This one-of-a-kind planchette feature and authentic antique glass eye embedded within to help guide your spirit journey. You’ll also be welcomed to take part in the Soul Gate Message Board Project as well as our heartfelt website recognition thank you.


The Soul Gate Getaway
Enter and Immerse yourself within the spiritual context of Soul Gate!

Experience first hand the magic and spiritual context of the Soul Gate Spirit Boards. Take part in our exclusive Séance Slumber Party in a century old church! You and a friend are personally invited to an incredible weekend and spiritual journey. Your first evening will include a guided tour with ghost hunting equipment of some of the regions most spiritual and active cemeteries. The second evening will feature an exclusive séance with a professional psychic and seer, all being captured on film. Each evening will feature delicious catered dinners and drinks. You will leave with your choice of Soul Gate boards each, an invitation to partake in the Soul Gate Message Board Project and some great transformational memories!


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