SOS: Shout Of Survival
SOS: Shout Of Survival

What is SOS: Shout Of Survival?

A multi-player SHOUTING (not Shooting) game where 2 monsters hunt down 2 humans that are trying to reunite.

In the darkness with minimum vision, Humans shout out to each other. They will know their corresponding location by hearing and following the sound direction.

However! The monsters will also hear them and will run to the humans before they reunite as they can also hear them.

The monsters have constant scary sound ongoing, so humans will be able to hear monsters incoming and will be able to also assess they direction from their scary sound. 


The Monsters have a special ability where they can HIDE their voice for few seconds, AND THIS IS WHERE IT IS FUN for the monsters. As soon as they think they are approaching a human, they can hide their sound and close into the humans to give them the scare (and death) or their lives!

SOS: Shout Of Survival is being developed for the PC and MAC with gamepad support (of course!), and will be made available through Steam. Other platforms ,like Linux, are considered but are not a high priority.

We’d like to note that this project is a Fixed Funding project. Which means that we either reach our goal and take it all or fail and leave empty handed. So we really need your support to make this happen.

We would also love your support in getting the game greenlit in Steam, please go there and support our game to be greenlit!



Where did this project come from?

SOS: Shout of Survival is based on our critically acclaimed game jam winner (Reunion).  After releasing Reunion, It was clear that a game about hearing works very well. Even YouTubers like Markiplier played the game so we decided to take it to the next step.


SOS: Shout Of Survival Features

  1. Unique gameplay that focuses on sound. Better use your headphones!
  2. Different playstyles as a human and a monster. Being the hunter is always different than being hunted!
  3. Easy to learn gameplay. Learn the controls and start playing right away!
  4. Online Multiplayer: Play with random people from all over the world.
  5. Play with friends: Or you can play with your friends by inviting them to your matches.
  6. 9 fun levels and more with updates.
  7. 3 themes each with unique mechanics and more with updates.
  8. Unique art style.
  9. Customize your characters with A LOT of combinations.


What more?

We also plan to add finishing moves for the monsters when they catch humans, which should be fun of course! Here are some ideas of what we plan to do:



Meet our team


A game designer and a game programmer currently living in Boston, United States. He worked in Saudi Arabia on multiple game projects for 9 years including an MMORPG based on educational curriculum, mobile games, and card games. He reads and rates books and he makes tasty almond loaves.


A designer and also a front-end developer. What a nerd, right? Ahmad also makes animations, videos, and all other graphic stuff.  He’s clearly a keeper.  He’s been making websites, games, and apps for over 10 years. OMG! The cookies he makes! #TeamCap


Worked as the project manager for an online card game that was acquired for multi-million dollars. Maan spends his time studying art and game design and has a degree in Software Engineering and a PMP.


The Budget


Our work has been covered by:

SaudiGamer, Mobily, ZPad, NG4A, TrueGaming, Riyadh E-Paper, Wamda, Ign, Xash, Alyaum, MBC, Jeem, Al Arabiyah, Gamers Day, TGXpo



"Unprecedented experience! This game could easily start a new addictive, fun, and rewarding genre"

  • Joseph Shomali @josephshomali Co-founder at Play 3arabi (Game Publisher)

“I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a party game this much. It made me laugh so hard.”

  • Moayad Taibah @MoayadT (Gamer)

“It is one of those just-one-more-round game.”

  • Ahmad Al-Saleh @Ams680 (Gamer)

“Hilariously unsettling.”

  • Feras Al-Haidari @AlhaidariFeras (Gamer)




Early access + 1 digital copy of the game on Steam.


Early access + 2 digital copies of the game on Steam for you and your friend, saving $5 on the game.


Early access + 4 digital copies of the game on Steam for you and 3 of your friend, saving $15 on the game.


Be recognized in-game by your unique backer-only human and monster set.

Includes the $45 reward.


Get the exclusive backer T-Shirt.

Includes the $100 reward.


Work with our team to produce a human shout in the game using your voice! + Name in credits as a voice actor.

Includes the $150 reward.


We will use any reference images of your choosing to create a single human set OR a single monster set. + Name in credits as a character designer.

Includes the $150 reward.

$2,000 - FINISH HIM!!!

Work with the team to create a monster finishing move of your choice! + Name in credits as an animation designer.

Includes the $150 reward.

$4,000 - PRODUCER

Work with the team to create a level theme of your design. Mention your name in the credits as a producer.

Includes the $150 reward.


We will use any reference images of your choosing to create a single human set AND a single monster set that can be used by you ONLY. + Name in credits as a character designer.

Includes the $150 reward.



Will you/ can you/ make a version for Linux?

With our current small team setup, we are not very familiar with Linux operating system and promising a version on Linux without us being able to properly test the game on the system is not something we want. However, when we are going full throttle, we will highly check that option.


Is there any way to get some kind of physical copy of the game itself?

Not currently, no. With our team size, we would like to be able to focus more on the game itself rather than anything that is not game related. Adding more things that require logistics might only harm the game in the end and we would love to commit to the game itself.


Will there be stretch goals later?

Yes, once we meet our target goal, stretch goals will be immediately announced.


Isn’t $12k a little cheap for the game you are promising?

Good question! Let us guess—you’ve worked in the game industry? :) Yes, it’s true—our internal estimates for the full production cost of this game are greater than our initial goal, especially once you take out the fees and reward costs. But that’s OK!

To put it simply, if enough fans are excited about this game to hit our initial goal, then we, the developers of this game, are willing to put up more of our own money as well, right along there with you. We actually already did. We have been developing this game without salaries and we’ve been handling the costs so far from our personal savings.

So, no, this is not a case where the initial goal is set irresponsibly low, risking everything in the hopes that the Indiegogo campaign will pay off over expectations and get us where we secretly, actually need to be financially. We do understand that concern, though, and kept it in mind when carefully setting our initial funding goal. More money over the initial goal would be wonderful—don’t get us wrong! :). But we have run the numbers and we are fully confident that, should we hit our initial goal and nothing more, we can make a great game that fulfills the promise of this project, both for our backers and for anyone else who plays the game.


Isn’t $12k a little expensive for the game you are promising?

Seriously, despite the fact that it’s a 2D game, SOS is a full-scale production where the game is undertaken by professional developers, artists, designers, animators and musicians. We as indie developers already handled some costs, but we reach our limit.

In short, we can understand the question, but believe it or not, this is actually a very cheap minimum bar to set for this team and this project, especially after fees and reward costs are taken out. We set it as low as we could to make it happen, because we really, REALLY want to make sure it happens!


I backed the project! Woohoo! ...When will I get my game on steam?

First of all, we need to get greenlit. We will need the support of all our fans for this! After being greenlit, we will incorporate Steam API for the multiplayer to work. This should take some time, however, we will be putting the game on Steam as early access as soon as integrating the steam API is done. Meanwhile, please share the excitement with your friends and invite them to support us too, we’d really appreciate it!


Alright! But when will it be finally released?

Ok so here is our plan. After putting the game as early access, we will be hearing from our fans a lot as we improve the game and add features based on feedback. Once we believe the game reached a level where it can be released, a release date will be announced. However, you are always welcome to buy the game from the early access period. This way you don’t have to wait at all!


What if you don’t get Greenlit?

Well, that would be unfortunate. In that case, we would be looking for other platforms to release the game on or we can even release it ourselves.


Will you give me any revenue for my sound or my character design?

No, sadly. Even though we would collaborate with you to produce those contents in the game, we are still doing most of the work. Even though we initially start with your idea, we would still need to make sure it fits the game and its mechanics.


Hey, I’m a member of the press, how can I get in touch?

We are happy to hear from you! Please send us a message through this form:

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