Sonic Fetch
Sonic Fetch

If you ever spend more than 10 minutes doing web based searches SonicFetch is right for you.

We were sitting in front of the computer for hours copying and pasting blocks of text to an excel spreadsheet. The Web is great but the data is not always formatted for easy extraction. There's also the question of how deep to go. Are the first 12 search engine results enough?

We wrote SonicFetch to solve this problem.  Get started by simply doing the following at our site:

• LogIn Use your favorite browser to log into our website.

 • Create Your Lists Type in a few words or upload multiple lists with hundreds or thousand of words.

 Set Your Parameters and Filter or Select Our Defaults Select how you want to mine with a few clicks.

 • Hit the GO Button Click the GO button on the page to start the search.

 • Wait for Your Email results Based on your terms, filtered and ranked and ordered based on relevance, your results will be emailed to you when the search is complete.

Imagine what you could do with thousands of search engine results gathered, filtered and ranked and ordered for you in a single spreadsheet with the important details extracted.

Do you like sitting at the computer for hours doing web based research? Neither do we, that's why we developed SonicFetch.

Use our cloud based software to create intelligent agents that do thousands of search engine queries all at the same time, all automated (based on your criteria - things like cities & keyword pairs) and create a database from the results and extract only what's important to you.

You receive a simple email attatchment immediately, daily, weekly or monthly that you can open in excel where you can view your results ranked and ordered based on relevance.

We have several features that add significant value espeically to those in sales, marketing or research. When you find the pages that are most interesting to you you can set up additional agents to monitor changes to those pages and email you when something does change.  You can also do an additional company name only search to quickly find contacts at those sites using your first search result as input.  We also have an algorithm that finds the email addresses for the people you're looking for.

Uses range from lead generation for anyone in sales, to research in any discipline like finance, real estate, legal discovery or to more main stream uses as online shopping and/or coupon finding.

Our expertise  is in the LifeSciences and bioinformatics.  Being experts in the LifeSciences we have developed several custom features  for extracting and filtering data in that market segment like SBIR grant and funding alert emails.  We are also learning alot from our beta sites in Finace and RealEstate with some targetted features already in the works.

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