Solve et Coagula Film & Kinetic Statue
Solve et Coagula Film & Kinetic Statue

This project has already launched.

SOLVE et COAGULA is about re-membering the body, reconnecting the mind-body-spirit split; a mythic tale rooted in the ancient archetypes of Orpheus, Osiris and Dionysos, yet increasingly relevant in our age of virtualization, depersonalization and desensitization.

SOLVE et COAGULA takes as its premise the myth of Orpheus, ancient Thracian bard who -apparently due to his lack of presence- was torn limb from limb by the Maenads, primal wild-women in the retinue of Dionysos, God of drama and intoxication. Yet this ending of a classic(al) tale is just the beginning of ours, for I have always wondered what happened to the immortal head of Orpheus (having already illegally visited the Underworld to attempt to rescue his lost love Eurydice, he could never return there) after it floated off down the River of Lament, still singing woefully, disembodied and bereft of intent

The idol known as Baphomet, was originally purportedly a Head which gave oracles to the heretical medieval mystical order The Knights Templar. SOLVE et COAGULA proposes this self-same disembodied entity to be the immortal head of Orpheus, having learnt some things in the preceding millennia, and now eager to create for itself a new body, via vicarious appreciation of the bodies of others with his super-sensitive ears and eyes…

'I have come to Understand Spirit

But not as something separate from the senses

I have come to Understand That what is above, is also below

That for you to forget, so you must know

That what lies without, so lies within

Though disembodied, I have come to understand the power of

Taste, touch, sound scent and sight,

Of bones, muscle, sinew and skin'

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