SOLO:Stories of Single Parents with Successful Children
SOLO:Stories of Single Parents with Successful Children

"All the evils of the world can be traced back to single parenting" These were the words of a pastor in a conversation with me about one of my books on parenting. As a single parent, my mental response was, "What a lie!" And I wanted to ask so badly if single parenting also caused gluttony, but I did not.

I wanted to respond to prove him wrong. SOLO is my response. It is a documentary that explores the lives of single parents who have reared successful children. Their children contribute positively to our society. The measure of their success is that the children are not and have not been involved in the criminal justice system.


No one says that they want to grow up to be a single parent, but many of us do. We become single parents by choice, and sometimes by forced choice. SOLO will document some of these journeys.

You’ll hear the stories of real moms and dads who sacrificed much for their children, like the story of a single mom who worked as a maid and sent her son to Princeton and Harvard. You’ll hear another story of a single dad who reared his sons alone after his wife passed away. And yes, you’ll learn more about me as I tell my story about returning to graduate school with five children.

These stories are not unusual, but they are stories of courage, grace and perseverance. Our stories are important for current single parents to see and hear so that they too can embrace their responsibilities with hope.

SOLO is a documentary that is designed to showcase the lives of single parent families who have reared successful children. Their children are not and have not been in the criminal justice system. It is not to glorify single parenting, but it is a project that is designed to demonstrate that single parents can indeed rear children who are successful and who contribute positively to the fabric of our culture. These are their stories and my story. Face-to-face interviews will be conducted and filmed with parents who have reared their children solo.

Why do we need such a documentary? We need to see and hear these stories because other single parents who are currently in the throes of rearing children alone need to know that success is possible for their children. They need to witness what they are capable of accomplishing with their families as they listen to the struggles and successes of families like theirs. And finally, they need to be armed with the language and exemplary actions of others who have walked the same road so that they too can use those tools in rearing their children.

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