Soldier of Love
Soldier of Love

In the first ever film adapted from a blog, ‘Soldier of Love’ explores the disillusionment of today's generation with the promises and expectations of our society and how to move on when our dreams turn into nightmares.

Army Veteran Luke is finally home for good. He has survived his last tour in Iraq and ended his career in the military with honors, but not without scars. The one thing that kept him going was his beloved wife Sarah, his high school sweet heart that he reconnected with and married after she went to college. Luke catches Sarah, with Donald, the neighbor he entrusted to look after her while he was away.

Devastated, he checks into the same hotel that Sarah and he honeymooned. Luke is intent on committing suicide. After writing his suicide note, he goes to the hotel bar to work up the courage to kill himself. In the bar of Donatello Hotel, he meets Miriam, an enigmatic escort who offers Luke the experience of a lifetime and lessons in love, and the psychology of women. With nothing to lose, Luke decides to give it one last hurrah before shutting out the lights.

People are ready for a complex take on the American fighting man. Today there are 3 million veterans ages 18-39. Many will be able to identify with Luke and his trials. The film explores the effect of years of war and multiple deployments on a soldier and the moral questions he asks himself when he just doesn't know what he's fighting for anymore. Film is based on the real thoughts, feelings, and blog of an Iraq war veteran, Travis Haan

About the team:

The Director


"I am Doc Zee. I make films that empower people."

This is Doc Zee's fourth feature film.   He has written, produced and directed three feature films- Night of Henna (2005), Bicycle Bride (2010) and House of Temptation (2014). Zee's work with veterans as part of his medical practice inspired the character of Luke. He also had in his head the idea of this self empowered healer, a well traveled highly educated woman that would become Miriam.

Travis Haan, Writer/Blogger
The Wise Sloth blog contains editorial, philosophical, instructional, inspirational and satirical posts in the form of essays, lists, comics, and fiction.

Jeffrey B Wayne, Screenwriter
Jeffrey B Wayne has been active as a screenwriter for the award winning San Antonio based short films crew Red Rook Films
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