Solar+Snaps: Energized Art from Broken Solar Cells
Solar+Snaps: Energized Art from Broken Solar Cells

Charge your phone and more by creating your own sustainable works of art. Say goodbye to just flat, boxy solar panels!

Solar technology comes in many forms, yet mostly comes in only one shape: two-dimensional squares. The technology was also still cost prohibitive for a non-profit like us to give solar to those who needed it most. Until now...

Solar+Snaps reduces the complexity with exploring solar tech by providing a modular design that enables you to easily snap together your own solar charging solutions.

Each snap also features a high grade solar cell which is made possible by reusing the millions of broken solar cells left over during solar panel production each year.

We feel good that Solar+Snaps will be made from recycled plastics and that we can turn these discarded silicon shapes into something useful, educational, and fun.

The Solar+Snaps Story

For the past 9 years, our organization has focused on encouraging citizens throughout the world to build cleantech innovations and start their own cleantech companies. We created Solar+Snaps because we needed an affordable approach to help bring solar exploration to schools and developing nations.

We discovered that if we wanted solar cells at the lowest cost, we had only two options: poor quality or broken pieces. We realized that if we could simplify the process of building a solar panel using these affordable pieces we would finally have our answer.

Our product design team worked on every effort to make sure that Solar+Snaps would be as efficient and sustainable as possible. From ensuring the snaps are lightweight to creating a super simple snap-together manufacturing process.

One of our biggest design challenges was polarity. We needed a way where anyone could easily change the connection from positive or negative to allow for series (+volts) or parallel (+amps) combinations.

Thankfully, we discovered that the solution to interchangeable polarity and infinite combinations was also a snap. Well, a pivot and a then a snap actually. ;)

Risks + Challenges

Well, we are definitely not worried about the availability of materials. Based on reported estimates from our suppliers, a combined 200 million broken solar cells are sitting in all the major solar factories each year. All other materials needed and used are based off of existing common connector types to keep costs low and our reach global.

The risk in manufacturing the products is lower than usual due to the simplistic and efficient design from our experienced product design team who have lived in China. Plus, our sourcing partners in Asia have been around for a few decades and will make sure that the product meets expectations while helping us avoid the common pitfalls inherent with overseas production.

Amazon will take care of the global shipping process. This gives us warm and fuzzy feelings because we know Amazon can get the Solar+Snaps to even the most remote locations that could really use them. Lastly, we will also make sure that the packaging you receive is as efficient and ecological as can be. :)

We owe that to you as well as our planet.

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