Coolpeds USA Solar power backpack Escooter that moves you at up to 12 mph!
Coolpeds USA Solar power backpack Escooter that moves you at up to 12 mph!

This project has already launched.

The COOLPEDS USA solar backpack Escooter

Also the world's lightest Escooter

An ultra portable EV - COOLPEDS USA's patented amazing motorized solar backpack (version 2.0) takes you to places at speed up to 12 mph. SAVE time getting to office, train or subway stations, classes, & pretty much everywhere else!

The bag is now detachable and swappable with other styles of suitcases from us, and the solar bag is an awesome upgrade. Charge your smart phone via its USB port too!It is also much lighter than our highly successful version 1.0 and now weighs only about 10 lbs!


Coolpeds USA's Briefcase is a patented carry-on suitcase/backpack with a powerful super lightweight electric scooter that moves you at speed up to 12 mph.  It is the perfect last mile connector!

Save time and have fun getting to your destinations like the office, subway, trains, Starbucks, airport boarding gates, restaurants, scenic spots near your hotel, etc.  It is virtually a "mini Tesla" at your service all the time!  
Better yet, it meets most airlines' requirements as a standard carryon.

When you arrive, just fold it up and pull it along like a normal suitcase.  With the USB charging port, you can juice up your phone and iPad, all while helping our community cut back  pollution and congestion in the city!

Detachable suitcase

You can choose between a hard shell suitcase and a backpack even upgrade to a solar powered backpack!  The advanced flexible thin film solar panels supplies power to charge your phone. 

Colors:(backpack style) Black and green; (hard shell suitcase) Black and dark Blue
Folds into a compact carryon size in seconds
Speed:  Up to 20 km/hr (about 12 miles per hour)
Range: Up to 10 km (about 6 miles)  per full charge
Motor power: 200 watt
Braking system: Double brakes with electronic regenerative brake and fender brake
Battery: 23 V and about 4 Ah capacity
Weight:  About 6kg (this is the lightest e scooter in its class in the world!) and Fortunately Airlines rarely weigh your carry on
Loading capacity: Up to 100 Kg (about 220 lbs)
Wheels:  Durable polyurethane wheels
High quality Lithium Ion battery: 4.6 Ah and 23 Volt that meets most airlines' carryon regulations!  (similar to batteries in the Tesla)
Charge time: 2-3 hours
Charger: Super lightweight and compact charger, similar to your laptop charger
Cool extra feature: 
USB charging port for your gadgets
Optional upgrade to a solar powered backpack!



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