Solar Planner and Charger
Solar Planner and Charger

First solar-powered tablet case and paper planner

Organize your digital and analog life with green technology and smart design.


No more use of fossile fuels! A solar panel charges the built-in powerbank.


Never be without power for your devices. Just plug them into the integrated powerbank.

Analog and Digital

Enjoy analog and digital lifestyle side by side, use your tablet and write down your notes.

Made in Germany

Created, designed and researched with love in Germany.

Collect sun power

Collect solar energy by placing the solar panel into direct sunlight. You can raise it at a 45 degree angle for better exposure.

Power up

Sun power is stored in the flat powerbank built into the back cover. On rainy days charge your powerbank at any electric outlet and you’re good to go.


Use the attached charging cord to charge your device or connect to the USB port using your own cord and charge when and how you like it. Indoors or at night, wherever you need it.

Protect your tablet

Store your tablet securely in the hard shell frame. You can easily remove the whole frame from the ring binder or raise it for viewing at a convenient angle.

Plan your day

Organize your activities, write and draw - all inside your planner and note pages. Boost your productivity by active, old-school analog note-taking when reading an article or viewing a video.

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