Software Platform for Companies and Sellers
Software Platform for Companies and Sellers

This project has already launched.

We have created a innovative functional place where merchants, vendors, professionals, small and medium Companies can easily dominate the competition by providing innovative services. We have created a platform where by a trader, a professional or a company can create a responsive website, optimized for search engines through seo, publish its activities and its promotions. Geolocation indicating the positioning of the activity.

With our software online on you can manage your website in a fully self-made, change texts, pictures and descriptions. You'll enjoy a weekly newsletter to all registered participants of the advertising platform. This opens a page link social (Facebook, Twitter, Google +). Users can advertise their products and services through reviews, but above all advertise their activities through videos uploaded to youtube and shared on our platform. So anyone who sails on the platform will be able to see the promotional video of the business. But that's not all: those who sell online will open its online store on the web for free! Sell online and put on sale an infinite number of items. They will be able to sell by auction without fees! Furthermore, the sale will be duplicated on our Facebook page with more than 11000 followers. So the user can automatically use two different sales channels: a custom ecommerce platform and a virtual shop on Facebook. Even online sales will take advantage of the weekly newsletter. Sellers will see accredited sales on their Paypal account in a totally secure manner because all multiservice platform is HTTPS. Private area to manage orders, messages, list of published products and followers. Real time notifications of messages from customers but also from other sellers for possible partnerships. Verified reviews (one who buys really can enter reviews). Possibility of including detailed reviews with photos and videos of their products (imagine the artisans of made in Italy). Reviews are also useful for those who already have an ecommerce platform because they can review their products and put a link of the product so a buyer can buy directly from the seller's site. Moreover, a seller that has already its own ecommerce platform and wants to publish all its products on our platform, can do so and purchases will be redirected on the seller's site. The advantage of this is that the seller takes advantage of the huge traffic that owns our platform. Possibility to insert "like" relatively to the store. Publication of booking services. There's an online chat to solve any kind of problem,  assisting our clients in registration, creating booking upon request, assistance and support to the purchase by surfers. There is a video guide, and the assistance 24/7 is granted. In addition, bed and breakfast, hotels, restaurants, spas, doctors will be able to directly put on sale their rooms, their availability and their services. The platform is easy to use, and those who surf the web can explore the many companies, purchase the services directly or view the companies on the web and then visit them later in person. The activities that will be joining the platform will have an efficient website, make online sale without expensive fees, have weekly newsletters, receive payments from buyers through credit card. All operators have access to the analysis of visits and sales and the analytics. All this for only 199 €/year!

We plan to invest money:  

2000€ for dedicated hosting online for 1 year. A new hosting server with this features: Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU 3.20Ghz CPU Clock Speed 4 CPU Cores 8 CPU Threads 8MB CPU Cache 4GB DDR3 RAM 500GB SATA II HDD 5TB Bandwidth. 

1000€ for integrated booking selfmade

Now this Marketplace platform is allocated on Sharing Hosting that minimize its potential.

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