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 "For your boots to keep out stuff, wear SOCK-N-CUFF" 

Benefit:The only sock, with a cuff to flip down over the top of your boots, sealing out foreign debris and adverse elements.

SOCK-N-CUFF is a practical solution  to a common problem 

Why stop your activity, to clear out burdensome, and sometimes painful debris, when you can prevent debris intrusion all togther, with SOCK-N-CUFF. 

SOCK-N-CUFF deflects water; helps keep your laces tied, protected and snag free; protects and preserves your boot top, collar, and lining; keeps out ticks, chiggers, and fire ants.

SOCK-N-CUFF is good for: Mowing, raking leaves, shoveling snow, digging, landscaping, construction and agricultural workers, hunters, hikers, fishers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else who is tired of getting stuff in their boots.


SOCK-N-CUFF's not only come in your favorite colors, patterns, and materials, but can be made to order; to accomodate different tastes, boots, and applications. 


"For your boots to keep out stuff, get yourself SOCK-N-CUFF"


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