Social Media Command Centre Application
Social Media Command Centre Application

#DashboardCiao is a social media command centre app to publish, engage, collaborate, report & manage your social media platforms.

Our Story

Why isn’t there a social media dashboard that can work in a command centre environment but still have the flexibility to allow you to manage it from your mobile phone? Why do we have to use a dozen different social media tools, and a dozen different subscriptions? Can’t it all just work in one simple app? Why isn’t there a social media dashboard that is built specifically built for actionable social media business results?

Built by coders but designed by Social Media Specialists

In our experience as an award winning social media agency, managing social media for all types of businesses, we were constantly frustrated with the reporting tools available that are segmented and don’t offer consistent insights across all platforms and the amount of time it takes to monitor all these platforms for each business using different monitoring tools. Comparable apps that run enterprise level social media management are extremely expensive. So we wondered, "Why doesn't someone create an app that can do all these things that only costs in the hundreds per month instead of thousands?" And then we asked ourselves, "Why don't we?" And that is what we have set out to do. We are designing a social media command centre app that will allow you to manage all your social media platforms effectively and efficiently. This will allow you to collaborate with your staff and engage your followers. It will also provide meaningful reporting that allow decision makers to make actionable business decisions for your social media strategy. A social media enterprise level application designed for businesses.

The Application

#DashboardCiao is a social media command centre for desktop, mobile and tablet application that is best utilized in a command centre environment but flexible enough to manage from your phone. This will enable marketing teams, management, agencies, partners and all your staff the ability to collaborate and contribute to your social media marketing strategy. It is specifically designed to publish, monitor, engage, report and manage your social media platforms to achieve measurable business results.


  • Social Media Platforms – Publish and manage all your social media platforms in one place including but not limited to: Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google Plus Pages, LinkedIn Pages, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Early Warning and Detection – Did Google Plus just wrongly flag your page or did someone change your Twitter password and now your scheduled posts aren’t getting published? We'll have an early warning system to notify you right away if something is not working like it's supposed to. We’ll also send you reminders if you forgot to make that Wednesday post.
  • Client Content Calendar Proofs – Business owners can plan their social media campaigns for all their platforms and publish them all in one place.
Content Calendar to manage your social media campaigns 
Content Calendar to manage your social media campaigns
  • Faster Response Times – Using #DashboardCiao's built in special aggregator and notification tools your average response time for a follower's comments will be much less plus you can set what you want to be notified about because even though it’s great that your Facebook post got 54 likes, you don’t need to be notified about it. With our mobile app you'll be able to respond quickly to your followers on all your platforms without ever leaving this app.
  • Simpler Reports for Business Owners and CEOs – When it comes to reporting, some platforms have better insights than others. There are also some really good third party analytic tools for some platforms, but not all platforms. There is no uniform stats across all platforms. Also most analytic tools give too much information that makes it confusing for business owners, owners who may be experts at their business but not at social media. They just want to know a few key stats to base their business decisions on such as how many unique people did all platforms reach, what posts were most popular, what was the engagement and how much in online sales did their social media generate. #DashboardCiao will create these reports in seconds as well as automatically send them out on a predetermined schedule. #DashboardCiao will create reports with just the essentials for Business Owners but will also have the ability to create deep analytics for geeks like us.
  • Collaborator Content Queue – This feature makes it easy to allow other people in your organization to submit content within the app for the social media manager to consider using. The submitted content would go into a queue for the manager to review and allow him/her to disapprove, edit or approve and schedule. In addition to this, the app will have a leaderboard to see what staff members contributing posts have got the best engagement. Combined with a rewards program, this will encourage even more staff to share because your staff are some of your best Ambassadors.
  • What's Trending Map – With a world map view, watch in real time to learn what's trending. Zoom in and see what's trending in your city. Get alerts on certain keywords, hashtags and profiles so you can easily leverage and act on them. 
Know what's trending to leverage and take advantage of actionable business results. 
Know what's trending to leverage and take advantage of actionable business results.
  • Team Mode – A special team mode feature is ideal for your team of social media collaborators to work on one business or several.
  • Lots More Features – We've got many more features for this that we'd like to keep under our hat for the time being so they don't get scooped.

Designed for a social media command centre

In its full glory, this will have the ability to have different components displayed on multiple monitors in a control room that resembles a space operations centre and managed by a team of marketing professionals.

Social Media Command Centre 
Social Media Command Centre

Subscriptions & Target Market

  • Business Professional - And yes there will be a version for the business professional that will help spot and act on business leads and opportunities.  This will connect to your personal social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Profile and Page and more.  Basic reporting.
  • Small Business Owner - It's ideal for small businesses with a single location where the business owner also manages their own social media and needs something to help make their time more efficient and social media more effective.  Access to one profile/page of all the platforms we support and advanced business reports.
  • Organizations and Franchises - Ideal for large corporations and franchises with multiple locations that manage some of the largest and most active social media profiles with their team of professionals and collaborators and need a social media command centre solution.  Includes advanced business reports.
  • Agencies - For the social media agency that manages several businesses platforms ranging from large to small. 

The Team

#DashboardCiao is being designed by Shawn Alain, owner of Viral in Nature an award winning social media agency in Calgary, Alberta, and his team of social media specialists. Shawn has developed a business that helps businesses of all sizes and industries manage their social media.

The App will be coded by the Angry Coders, a team of rogue experts in every facet of development. They are visionary application architects, programming wizards, systems & hardware samurai, front-end ninjas, visual/UX design maestros… all seasoned with decades of combined industry experience and a metric tonne of entrepreneurial ambition. They build solutions in 4 weeks that take others 6 months. Simply put, the Angry Coders are one of the best R&D and rapid-deployment teams around. If you can dream it, they can build it! 

Our Mission/Values

1. To enable businesses to achieve measurable business results and ROI with their social media strategy.

2. To enable social media collaboration in a team environment.

3. To capture the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA for the benefit of our clients.

Your Contribution

Your contribution will allow us to develop, test and bring this application to market and take social media management to a new level.  As an early backer you'll be rewarded with heavily discounted subscriptions we will never offer again.


With a successful Kickstarter campaign, we'll have a stable application built within six months.  Check out the timeline on our website


Kickstarter has already approved this project for launch, but then we found Prefundia so we thought we'd look for feedback first. Please provide your email in the box at the top right and we'll let you know when we're ready!

To all of you who have read this far, thank you!

We are excited about our project and working really hard to make it a reality. 

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